The Dish on Valentine’s Day Deals on campus

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Valentine’s Day is this Wednesday, and SUNY Buffalo State has some sweet treats and events courtesy of Chartwells, the college’s campus-wide food service organization.

Chocolate-covered strawberries will be available at Spot Coffee and On The Go in the Campbell Student Union, as well as at Café Oh-Le in the Science and Mathematics Complex. In addition to chocolate-covered strawberries, these locations will also be selling strawberry pie, pecan pie, and heart-shaped brownies.

These seasonal treats have “historically been a pretty popular item” among students, according to Samantha Wulff, marketing manager at Chartwells.

For something a little more filling, the Bengal Kitchen will serve a shrimp boil with some festive desserts on Wednesday, starting at 11:00 a.m.

Also on Wednesday, the Civic and Community Engagement office will hold a Valentine’s Day fundraiser in the Classroom Building lobby for its Alternative Break program. Students will be able to purchase wrapped flower bouquets ranging from $2 to $10, as well as chocolate bars for $1 each.

There will even be something for those who don’t have valentines this year. On Thursday, Bengal Kitchen will have a “Lonely-Hearts Club” chocolate fondue station.

That’s the delish dish for Valentine’s Day!


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