Miley “can’t stop,” but maybe it’s better if she does

Colleen Young, Associate Culture Editor

Porsche Black

Colleen Young, Associate Culture Editor

Live from New York — it’s Miley’s night!

The infamous Miley Cyrus was the host and musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend.

Cyrus entertained SNL viewers with comedic sketches about her recent show-stopping behavior. From her widely-seen VMAs performance Aug. 25 where she “twerked” on the happily married Robin Thicke, to her uncontrollable tongue-displaying habit, Cyrus had plenty of material to satirize.

My mom sat shocked, with her hand over her mouth and her eyes wide, through Cyrus’s entire VMA performance. I used to be able to happily watch her on TV with my whole family. Now, I have to reach for the remote faster than a cheetah!

Those same types of heart-pounding, uncomfortable moments happened again this past Saturday, when Cyrus brought back her skin-tight, revealing costumes and twerked on screen. The skits included Cyrus dressing as Michelle Bachmann, a United States Representative, and doing a risqué dance in a spoof called “We Did Stop,” which was about the recent government shut down.

SNL let Cyrus take the stage to prove once again that the opinions of others don’t matter to her. She’s clearly doing whatever she wants in her party-filled fantasy world, making distasteful decisions for her career — and quite frankly, she’s her own wrecking ball.

Maybe she’s being so outrageous in an effort to get us talking — which clearly worked. Maybe she’s just trying too hard to rid herself of the “Hannah Montana image. She’s made it quite clear that she’s no longer a Disney star, nor a prime role model. I just don’t want to see this Southern belle’s talent go to waste.

I’ve been a Cyrus fan from the start, ever since they announced that “Hannah Montana was coming to Disney Channel in March 2006. I felt like I grew up with her throughout the course of her show. I also thought that she and I were  “besties” after I read her book Miles to Go. I cried along with her during The Last Song in March 2010, and I celebrated with her when she got engaged to Liam Hemsworth in May 2012. Cyrus is my age, so I felt that her accomplishments somehow correlated with my life, and by living vicariously through her I was ecstatic to have things going so well. Now, I’m crying again for other reasons — because she’s wearing close to nothing and dancing suggestively in front of the world.

I no longer feel that I can relate with her. She isn’t the talented young actress and singer with the great hair, who I wanted to be growing up. Now she’s the exact example of who I shouldn’t be, and that’s sad.

Cyrus has a beautiful voice and she’s also a skilled dancer. I fully support anyone shakin’ what their mama gave them; however, I also believe when someone’s a household name and they’re performing in front of the world, maybe they should tone down the improper moves and add some fabric to your outfit of choice.

Miley, homegirl, you can stop. And you should stop.

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