Looking at fashion and style of African American culture throughout the 2000s


Welcome back to part two of our journey back in time to see the fashion and makeup trends in black culture.

Last week, trends and styles of the 1900s. Just to make a slight recap, if you read last week’s story, you’d remember that the 20th century was full of new style ideas. The 20th century was also filled with rebels. For example, one might recall that the 90’s had a ton of message-based wear. Before this time, if you had a message, people didn’t really go out into the streets wearing that message.

The 2000’s are very different. This era is unique in the sense that a good portion of the hot trends came out of trends from a previous era. Some may say that trends in this era aren’t really new. Nicole, a fashion major, said that she believes that trends today are all about staying true to our history.

This period is said to bring out the creativity in one another. Designers and other beauty influencers enjoy taking concepts or ideas that others may have thought were outdated and turning them into something of their own.

Let’s take a look.

2000-2005 – When the 2000’s finally arrived people were in awe of the gadgets and technology. The 2000’s was the time period a lot of people read about in books as being technology crazed so of course, a good portion of the trends here are chromatic. Your eyeshadow was just as reflective as your pants. In this same period, we also see our first trend revival. Parts of the early 1980’s were brought back; specifically, denim miniskirts, ripped/distressed jeans and tracksuits.

2006-2009 – Here we have our second revival. This one was from the 1960’s with Boho chic. The hippies seemed to be back. Floral headbands, crop tops and low flowy skirts as seen in our modern-day festival, Coachella, is what you would have seen in this trend. Then came another revival. This one was from the 90’s. There were a ton of neon colors, animal print, and even gladiator sandals. Yes, we can say they were getting a little wild.

2010-2014 – 2010 saw black culture getting back to its roots. African fabrics became very big with African Americans walking around in the brightly colored Kente cloth. Staying true to your culture became extremely important.

2015-2018 – By now the trend of neon colors is out. Muted tones were now in. The new “in colors” are now burgundy, black, tan, and brown. Now it’s all about being that Instagram “baddie”. Trends are simple yet glam. Stars such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna brought these trends to the forefront.

Many don’t realize how much the 21st-century trends rely on the 20th centuries styles. If the 1900’s weren’t as creative as they were, we wouldn’t be as developed in fashion as we are today. I don’t know about you but I will forever be in awe of our African American ancestors whether it be in their creativity or their strength to keep pushing through all the obstacles they have faced.

Happy Black History Month; never forget your roots.