Style Watch: Yellow

Model: Jennifer Luna Color: Honey Jennifer is wearing a honey colored body-con dress, with a dark was jean jacket, tan high-heeled sandals, with a white tote-style bag. “Honestly I don’t like the color, but I noticed really warm tones look good on me,” Luna said.

Salvatore Giangreco-Marotta, Reporter

From daffodils, taxi cabs and lemons to sunflowers school busses and bananas the color yellow is always around us. This past summer yellow has been more abundant.

Before now you may not have seen many yellow clothes in stores, but now yellow clothing is on almost every clothing rack.

When thinking of the color yellow, one thought that may come to mind is the sun. The sun is bright, warm and looks yellow in the sky.

Since the sun is important to life as we know it, in ancient China yellow was associated with royalty. The emperor of China was the only person who was able to wear yellow clothing, symbolizing he was as important as the sun.

Although yellow is associated with positive connotations, in the past, yellow has been associated with envy and jealousy, during the Renaissance period in Europe. This hurt the popularity of yellow clothing.

However, years later in France, French Court members used yellow clothing to symbolize their lavish lifestyle. They lived a care-free life. At this time yellow was associated with optimism and earthly pleasures, making yellow a popular color for clothing.

Like all colors nowadays, yellow has been made popular by the fashion industry. Yellow has been heavily featured in multiple spring/ summer runways. Runways that featured yellow in their collections are but are not limited to…

• Chanel
• Oscar de la Renta
• Dries Van Noten
• Balenciaga
• Miu Miu
• Carolina Herrara

This is the first time in a while that yellow has been a fashionable color and now everywhere you turn you can see sprinkles of yellow clothing.

After seeing the fall/ winter runways, we see that their palettes are colorful featuring a couple of different shades of our new favorite color. So, hopefully, yellow stays around a little longer.