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Intergenerational relationships one of life’s greatest treasures

Kaitlin Russo, Reporter

October 30, 2013

Famed cultural anthropologist and author Margaret Meade once said, “Somehow, we have to get older people back close to growing children if we are to restore a sense of community, a knowledge of the past, and a sense of the future.” She...

International, out-of-state students deal with culture shock, greasy food and more

Kaitlin Russo, Reporter

October 8, 2013

Studying in a new place can be can be an exciting, invigorating, and somewhat scary endeavor.  It takes a strong individual to leave home, friends and family to pursue an education in an unfamiliar city. The International...

Shamans practice spiritual healing in suburban setting

Kaitlin Ruso, Reporter

October 1, 2013

It is evident from a walk down the grocery aisle to a conversation about health with friends that our cultural views about health are shifting and changing. Everywhere we go, labels like “natural,” “organic,” and “thanks...

Innovation the name of the game at Chinese fashion exhibit in Technology Building

Kaitlin Russo, Reporter

September 18, 2013

The third floor of the new Technology Building on campus bore witness to a new chapter in couture. Chinese fashion designer Shao Fang and textile designer Shen Li opened their new collections there Thursday. In an “East meets...

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Kaitlin Russo