BSC-TV receives approval for new equipment, expects to be back on air fall semester


BSC-TV’s $16,000 proposed equipment budget was recently approved by the United Student Government.

Francesca Bond, Social Media Editor

BSC-TV, Buffalo State’s student-run TV station, has received approval for the funds they need to get back on the air.

“What’s the point of having a TV org. if we can’t broadcast?” said Kerriann Salmon, president of BSC-TV.

Earlier this year, when Buffalo State switched from analog to digital, all of BSC-TV’s equipment was rendered useless. This, combined with funding problems, left the organization scrambling. They needed roughly $16,000 of equipment to broadcast again.

“What USG has failed to understand is how much money it takes for TV production,” explained Salmon.

After making its case and having its budget approved, BSC-TV expects to be back on the air during the beginning of the upcoming fall semester.

“We want to have consistent content running, so every time someone turns on our channel, content will be there,” Salmon said.

They plan to have mostly original content playing during all hours of the day, but are also open to broadcasting advertisements and re-runs of popular television shows.

What kinds of content can students expect when they turn on BSC-TV?

They currently produce five main shows. They have a talk show called “Real Talk” where they discuss relevant topics to college students such as pop culture, social media and relationships. They have a food show called “Taste Buddies” where they highlight cooking on a budget. They also have a music show highlighting students’ musical talents, a comedy show, and a daily news show in the works.

While they’ve been off the air, social media has been their main platform. They currently post all content on YouTube and use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the word out.

“I really want BSC-TV to succeed because it has so much potential,” Salmon said. “We are an accredited communication school; this organization can bring opportunities to students.”

Salmon also explained that having an active campus media presence can be a deciding factor when choosing schools, so Buffalo State needs this to remain competitive.

“When [USG] told me we had been approved, I was about to cry,” Salmon said.

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