I Heart Consent Campaign ready to celebrate anniversary


Joseph Morgati/The Record

The Equity and Campus Diversity Office will be holding a one-year anniversary celebration of their I Heart Consent Campaign on March 15.

Joseph Morganti, Reporter

February marked the beginning of the I Heart Consent Campaign through the Equity and Campus Diversity Office. This is a prevention campaign against unlawful sex, rape or sexual violence. It essentially educates everyone on what consent is and how to recognize it. With the campaign having been formed in February of last year, this means that the one-year anniversary of the campaign is very soon. On Feb. 11, the I Heart Consent Campaign held a small table to promote the main message of its campaign. Giving out fliers, wristbands, and information packets, many students signed a pledge to always practice consent. “The main focus of the I Heart Consent Campaign is to prevent sexual violence,” said Monet Lewis, a graduate intern for the I Heart Consent Campaign, “because once people are educated on the matter of what consent actually is, then sexual violence could go down and possibly be completely eradicated.” To celebrate this, the I Heart Consent Campaign is celebrating their one-year anniversary on March 15 during Bengal Pause in Ketchum Hall 113. The future of the I Heart Consent Campaign will consist of consent-themed workshops, and campus-wide awareness-raising events.

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