Forced Campus Walk housing unfair to senior students

Edwin J. Viera, Columnist

Campus Walk is the newest building at Buffalo State, and it is primarily being used to house the seniors that are being forced off of campus. Seniors are leaving the campus because of a new residence life rule.

“Beginning next academic year, Fall 2017, senior standing students (90 credits or more) will no longer be able to request campus housing during the room selection process. As such, rising senior-level students are encouraged to seek their housing need with Campus Walk for Fall 2017.

However, rising senior-level students can request to be placed on the Buffalo State housing “wait list,” but housing will only be provided based on space availability, which will be determined in July 2017.” -Letter sent from Buffalo State to students

With this decree, many students began to scramble to find off-campus housing. Though many ran flocking to Campus Walk for an apartment, they found that they were getting into more than they could handle, although the building does include many amenities for residents to enjoy.

Amenities for the building include a fitness center, a tech hub with Macs and PCs & free printing, bicycle storage, a student friendly retail space on the first floor, private study rooms on every floor, private parking, an outdoor fire pit, 1 GB high-speed internet, and so much more. Each apartment also comes fully furnished with residents still able to add personal touches here and there.

The building is an ideal place for college students to live and be themselves. However, there is one major issue: the price. Prices for apartments are 835 dollars a month, or more, per person.

Note that this number is not the total of each persons rent in the apartment. Each individual in the apartment is responsible for paying the large sum for the room they are living in. The amount that one person will pay to live in this building would almost be enough to pay two semesters of in-state tuition, whether you are a commuter, live off campus on your own, or live on-campus.

Some of the push back from this has resulted in a rival building being created: Monarch 716. They offer similar amenities that Campus Walk does, but also have a bowling alley and tanning booths. Though these are great, students only really need the computer lab and the free printing.

Both complexes charge the same amount because of the vast amenities that, usually, would be charged as a part of Buffalo State’s tuition. This at least seems more honest though, because at least you already know it is a large sum. With Campus Walk & Monarch 716, in order to find out the prices you have to get ready to sign a lease.

Students aren’t exactly thrilled, but now they are left with no alternative because housing can be quite difficult.

While this new policy has pushed students to the limit, it also wasn’t very necessary since a large number of seniors move off of campus anyway. One reason many people aren’t happy about it is because it forced the idea of living in Campus Walk on students with no alternatives except getting an actual apartment in Buffalo.

Both complexes are set to open in August, just before the fall semester begins at Buffalo State. Though they have everything a student would need, it seems monumentally easy to allow students just to live on campus if they need to.

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