Buffalo State lacrosse hosts friendship from middle school

Zachary Memmott, Sports Reporter

College is bittersweet for some athletes. It is balancing the emotions of leaving home and going on to college and possibly college athletics. The departure, often times, leaves behind their old teammates to get a brand-new team.

However, the transition is easier if you could bring your best friend and teammate with you and lucky enough, Buffalo State lacrosse sophomores Emily Wolcott and Madz Wright had that luxury. They both attended Grand Island High School.

The pair have been best friends ever since they met in orchestra back in middle school.

“We played orchestra together, we’re orchdorks, so middle school,” they laughed. “We started playing lacrosse together in eighth grade.”

The duo has been playing lacrosse for five straight years in high school. During that time, bonds are created and solidified in the locker room. It’s a bond that only grows stronger.

“Playing a sport with your friend adds something special that you share in that friendship,” Wright said, “I think it’s awesome because we both came from the same high school. It’s cool to play the sport that we both love together, and knowing we come from the same place and dealt with the same coaches and things like that.”

Wolcott echoed the same sentiment.

“It’s been cool to see each other grow from high school, see how we’ve grown and stayed the same,” Wolcott added.

Their connection did buffer for a bit. Wolcott’s college choice after Grand Island was Roberts Wesleyan, while Wright decided to become a Bengal her freshman year.

The distance didn’t break the friendship and a short 12 months later, Buffalo State grew more attention for her sophomore year.

“It was close to home, and also lacrosse,” Wolcott said on transferring to Buff State. “I talked to Madz a lot because she’s a big reason why I came here too. She was also someone who knew the program.”

Wright didn’t play at first; she was an assistant coach at Grand Island but then decided she needed to play. She tried out then was a walk on at Buff State.

“I recruited her,” Wright laughed.

Wright plays defense while Wolcott plays the forward position. Their styles complement each other well.

The two were always in sync while playing at Grand Island. But when they came to Buff State, their roles on the field changed. According to Wright, adapting is something they have to get used to.

“Emily used to play behind the net a lot in high school and here, that’s not happening. She is in every other position. So, our mentality has switched a lot in how we play,” Wright said.

The Grand Island duo have chemistry that looks to only continue as they have two more years of eligibility for college athletics. So far into the season, both Wright and Wolcott matched themselves with two goals apiece.

Buffalo State lacrosse ended in a loss to Geneseo in the quarterfinal round in the SUNYAC playoffs.