Trump has gone back on campaign promise not to police the globe

And with tensing foreign relations, are we headed into another Cold War?

Edwin J. Viera, Columnist

America has reached turmoil in terms of its foreign relations with Syria, North Korea and Russia. With regards to Syria, America is under fire because of the chemical attack and Donald Trump’s response attack, and then came North Korea with claims that they are ready to go to war if America doesn’t divert their war ships.

To begin, Assad in Syria launched a chemical attack on a small village, and that’s what caused Donald Trump’s attack. The use of chemical weapons, possibly sarin gas, caused the death of 74 people and injured at least 557.

On April 6th, President Donald Trump responded by firing 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles. Several opinions of the attack stem from the White House budget, and Ivanka Trump’s role as an adviser in the White House.

The newest budget that Donald Trump is proposing would eliminate federal funding of the Meals on Wheels program. Instead of federal funding, states would provide money for the program out of their own budgets which leaves each state with the choice to keep Meals on Wheels in their state. The Trump family has been facing plenty of strain since the attack because Donald trump’s son Eric is blaming Ivanka for advising her father in favor of the attack; something that was proven to be false later.

North Korea has stated recently that it is ready and willing to go to war if America doesn’t back down from the aggressive role it has taken in foreign affairs. This stems from another of Donald Trump’s decisions: to keep naval ships near North Korea. This led to North Korea once again planning a missile strike against the United States, which ultimately failed.

Though the strike failed it is hard to say whether or not this put an end to the barrage of threats America has received. Now many people are starting to consider the idea of World War III coming out of this, with the United States being seen as the instigator. Much of what has gone on would worry people and it should.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a statement about the Trump administration’s views about the attack.

“We rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world,” Tillerson said.

Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary also spoke about the attack.

“If you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb into innocent people, I think you will see a response from this president,” Spicer said.

We have gone back to a time where countries are getting armed, and even though one tried to launch an attack, no one is striking. The world seems to have almost gone into another Cold War, only this time the idea of being rational is being thrown out of the window.

In the first Presidential debate Trump commented his thoughts on foreign policy and how the United States can’t afford to be the world’s police. During his campaign, Trump spoke about how the other countries of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) aren’t paying their dues.

“The 28 countries of NATO, many of them aren’t paying their fair share. We’re defending them, and they should at least be paying us what they’re supposed to be paying by treaty and contract. NATO could be obsolete, because they do not focus on terror. We pay approximately 73 percent of the cost of NATO. It’s a lot of money to protect other people. I’m all for NATO. They have to focus on terror also,” Trump said.

Even though he wasn’t the one to start the conflict, the fact that he attacked in such a strong manner shows that he stands by policing other nations. Trump may not consider this a lie though, for him it seems as though it might be another alternative fact. America’s foreign relations are seemingly at an all-time low, because of the hostility shown toward many countries.

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