President Conway-Turner commissions the 2018 ‘Men of Buff State’ swimsuit calendar

Reuben Wolf, Arts Editor

SUNY Buffalo State has always exuded a community-first philosophy.  In its latest move in giving back to the community, Buffalo State will showcase its male professors in an upcoming calendar, all of whom will be wearing risque swimwear.

The announcement for the calendar was given two days ago, when Buff State President, Katherine Conway-Turner, stood up in a crowded Buffalo State Board Member meeting in unabashed excitement.

“Our faculty at Buffalo State always takes privilege in showing off their civic service chops,” said President Conway-Turner, “now its time for them to show off some of their other chops.”

Conway-Turner got this idea through the latest Buffalo State student survey, in which she asks, in very small, fine print, which male professors students would like to see au natural.

“I don’t want to mention names,” said Mitzi Miron, a sophomore Communications major, “but there are some professors in the English department who I’d really like to see featured in the calendar.”

In regards to the overt, sexist reactions this may evoke, President Conway-Turner believes that this calendar will be aimed to subvert the sexism that has plagued women for years, especially when she became acquainted with a ‘Females of Buff State’ swimsuit calendar from 1982.

“See, its this kind of stuff that has plagued women professors here for decades,” said Conway-Turner in reference to the 1982 calendar, “finally, the men will have their dues and we can really show people we are called ‘Buff’ State.”

Several professors have already caught wind of the news and have mixed reactions to their potential involvement.

“I’m not sure how I feel about this,” said Professor Pequeno of the Biology department, “I mean, I never wear a Speedo, even when I’m with my wife on vacation.”

President Conway-Turner explained that the calendar will be tastefully done, showing professors’ lighter sides as they don costumes such as a firemen, pool boys, and even professors.

The calendar is slated for a late 2017 release and we will update as the professors who will be involved become announced.