‘Peace rally’ leads to violence at SUNY Buffalo State


The Wreckard Staff

38 people have been hospitalized after a riot took place during a “peace rally” at SUNY Buffalo State on April 1.

Donna Murphy, a senior at SUNY Buffalo State, orchestrated the rally and said the protest began non-violent, but tempers escalated as the event went on.

“We gathered here today to send a message of peace,” Murphy said, “We won’t tolerate hate speech on our campus, and quite frankly, I’ll kick the sh*t out of anyone who disagrees.”

Rally-goers held signs and chanted for close to three minutes before a fight broke out.

One attendee, David Lutz, was arrested after he set another student on fire after confusing the student’s red hair for a “Make America Great Again” hat.

“I just can’t believe things went so sour,” said protester Michael Coffin. “We are all on the same team here; we’re all Americans. I don’t know why these conservative a**holes keep forgetting that.”

Brandi Graham, a junior at Buffalo State, wore riot gear and a black ski-mask to the rally.

“People need to be more tolerant and understanding of each other,” Graham said. “We are a country so divided right now. I believe that people are generally good, but I brought pepper spray just in case.”

Rally-goers faced opposition from the beginning, which may have led to some of the tension.

Paul Brown, 56, spent his time at the rally holding up a sign that said “Get your Safe-Space out of my Face.”

“Bunch of triggered snowflakes,” Brown said. “They won’t even listen to anybody with a different opinion than them; they’ve all been brainwashed by the liberal media. This is why I only read Breitbart.”

Another rally-goer, Louis Greene, believes there may have been confusion among some attendees over what the rally was for.

“I thought this was a peace protest. I spent all morning painting anarchy symbols on my clothes. This sucks,” said Greene.

With 38 critically injured, this event was one of the country’s most violent rallies that has taken place this week.