Countdown to USG election begins, applications due Feb. 17

With current USG President Terron Grant set to graduate in May, a new leading voice for the Buffalo State student body is set to take over next semester


Jillian LeBlanc/The Record

USG election flyers can be found throughout campus.

Reuben Wolf, Arts Editor

If anything was observed throughout 2016, the world saw how chaotic an election could be. Between name-calling, protests, Twitter posts, daily media coverage, allegations and new vocabulary terms, the foundation of democratic-republican ideals was shaken. The United Student Government elections are shaping up to be less dramatic this year.

USG is currently taking nominees for the 2017-2018 elections. The application deadline closes Feb. 17, and the elections will be held March 27 through March 30. Any Buffalo State student can run and campaign, so long as they meet the criteria laid out by campus administration.

These requirements involve stipulations such as being a full-time undergraduate student who has a good academic standing, as well as an appropriate GPA. A candidate also must be affiliated with an established party, and is required to attend a mandatory meeting about the election procedure. Prospective nominees are required to submit a platform statement, which answers a few basic questions regarding why an applicant should be elected.

All elected positions are available for application. Student seats are also open on the College Senate, College Council, Intercollegiate Athletic Board, Student Assembly, Faculty Student Association, Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee, and the Grant Allocation Committee. To apply, one must fill out the online form after logging into Bengal Connect.

Positions are available for graduate students as well through the Graduate Student Association.

Current USG President Terron Grant wants the incoming election-winners to know that no matter what positions students hold on campus issues, there will be a peaceful transfer of power.

“I want the next President of the USG to know everything that I know,” Grant said. “And I will also help them navigate their way through these various school boards and senates.”

Grant’s position will be up for grabs as he expects to graduate in May, but the USG presidency will not be an easy spot to fill. Grant cites weekly attendance at many Buffalo State Senate, Board and Counsel meetings, and he works diligently to keep the student body happy.

“One controversial issue under my leadership is when the No. 32 Bus was taken off the line due to the construction at Buffalo State rather unexpectedly,” Grant said. “Since none of the student body became aware of that, and many of the students here depend on that bus, we compiled a whole lot of [written grievances by the students] and ended up getting the bus back in operation.”

Grant said that problem solving is part of the job and there are certain qualities that go into being a successful acting USG President.

“You have to be a problem-solver, think on your toes, be a good time manager and a constant watch-dog toward your surroundings,” Grant said. “There are so many moving parts, and if you don’t anticipate them, they will just end up happening and you will be stuck in a position you’d rather not be in.”

According to President Grant, you are near-guaranteed to hear ‘no’ at every turn for every idea you may have in regard to bettering the student body and the school. But resilience will be the key to a successful USG President at Buffalo State, and it doesn’t seem far fetched to say that each open position on the board will require a similar level of resilient thinking.

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