Buffalo State student wins Super Bowl tickets


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Latrell Charleson (left) and his father at the Super Bowl in the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Jillian LeBlanc, News Editor

The Super Bowl is an event many partake in yet never actually attend. Between expensive tickets, travel expenses and game day festivities, attending the Super Bowl is a pipedream for most college students. SUNY Buffalo State freshman Latrell Charleson said he received a once in a lifetime opportunity when he won two tickets to the biggest NFL game of the year from M&T Bank.

“I didn’t really believe it at first. I thought it was just like a scam kind of thing, and then the lady kept talking to me about it,” Charleson said. “I was in shock.”

Charleson said he couldn’t believe he actually won. Along with two tickets to the game, Charleson received airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, a $250 Visa gift card, as well as two tickets to various Super Bowl events happening in Houston.

“I was really really surprised and excited,” he said.

After he got off the phone he told his friends and family, and gave the second ticket to his dad. Charleson said he usually watches the Super Bowl with friends, but this year he wanted to give back to his father.

“He’s a big football fan,” Charleson said. “And I figured he does a lot for me so I figured I would kind of surprise him with that and give back to him.”

While Charleson and his dad attended the game together, they were rooting for separate teams. Charleson said he wanted to see Tom Brady win another Super Bowl, while his father wanted the Atlanta Flacons to come out with a victory.

As luck would have it, Charleson got his wish and watched the Patriots win in a surprising turn of events. Despite falling behind early in the game the Patriots tied the score and won in overtime. This was the first overtime in Super Bowl history, and Charleson was there to see the comeback.

“It’s definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

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