Trump’s Muslim ban disguised as travel ban


Michael Vadon/Flickr

President Trump has issued a temporary “travel ban” on seven different Muslim-majority countries.

Edwin J. Viera, Columnist

From 2012 to 2014, HBO’s The Newsroom exhibited the behind-the-scenes life of working for a television news show. During Season 2, the main plot was about the crew of the show getting a news story of massive proportions; the story was that United States soldiers dropped sarin gas on a village of innocent people while trying to rescue some of their own men who were separated during an earlier mission.

During the latter half of that season, one phrase is used over after it is edited to sound different from what it originally was. The phrase is, “We used sarin.” Now, let’s fast forward to 2017.

President Donald Trump imposed a travel ban on several countries last week, and the world erupted into a great fury over this. Protests broke out at airports all over the country including at Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. The countries in question are Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia.

The problem with this ban is that most of these countries have a predominantly Muslim population. This idea was floated during Trump’s campaign, but it was a direct ban on all Muslims, not just these countries. However, he apparently found a way around this.

During his campaign, though, once the idea of a Muslim ban was floated, the media began talking about how this would “constitutionally disqualify” him from being President of the United States. That’s why he was able to get away with this travel ban. He banned countries instead of just one group of people.  

The reason that I mentioned The Newsroom was because of the fact that this President is dropping more hazardous material out of his mouth than anyone. His ill will has America raising arms, and no one is able to tolerate the toxic ooze that is his policies. America, this man’s words are the sarin we are dropping.

Even though that may sound extreme, contemplate this for a moment: Never before have we had a President that has offended so many people. He has defunded Planned Parenthood, repealed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and aims to build the infamous “wall.” This man is basically reversing most of this country’s great achievements.

Many people are wondering if or when he will be impeached for his travel ban. Then again, the alternative to that isn’t so great either. Vice President Michael Pence is just as bad, maybe even worse. Donald Trump doesn’t have a problem with the LGBTQ community, but Pence, so it seems, does.

Pence has stated that he is in favor of bringing gay conversion therapy back — something the state of New York only recently made illegal. While the travel ban is terrible, that would really be setting America back a bit more than any politician’s policy should.

In the situation of Donald Trump being President, we used sarin. We elected someone that was toxic for the environment, and never should have been allowed to see public office. Yet, here we are — some of us regretting this choice and others are left watching it day by day.

The travel ban is inherently the proposed Muslim ban that he discussed during his campaign, but thinly veiled in order to pull it off. Some people now realize what this country is becoming — an agitator and aggressor. As the waters of conflict rise, one can only wonder when the waters will flow over their banks.

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