USG responds to housing policy changes


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Terron Grant

Press Release

This is an unedited press release written by Terron Grant, SUNY Buffalo State United Students Government President 

“In 2015, Buffalo State College administrators changed the policy for housing priority from upperclassmen to freshmen. The rising seniors were upset because they felt their concerns regarding housing were being ignored. This year, Buffalo State College administrators have started a new housing policy wherein rising seniors would not be given any housing on campus.  USG does not support this policy and believes it is misguided. However, USG does not have the power to stop this new policy from being enforced. Although a review of SUNY housing policy determined that Buffalo State administrators can unilaterally change and enforce housing policy, USG intends to inform the student population about our opposition.

USG believes a better housing policy would provide priority to upperclassmen for on-campus and Greenleaf housing. Buffalo State administrators’ posited that rising seniors will be given priority to an off-campus housing affiliation that is being developed with Greenleaf. USG applauds the administration for working with Greenleaf, the development company, to combat the current housing shortage. USG would also like to thank the administration for decreasing the housing deposit for all students from $400 to $135. Nevertheless, we do not understand how the administration will force approximately 340 rising seniors to live in a property which only has 314 beds. Furthermore, the rental rates for the new property will be prohibitively expensive. The cheapest rate in the new off-campus housing complex where rising seniors would be forced to live is the same as  the most expensive rates at STAC (STAC is currently the most expensive housing on campus). This means rising seniors would have to pay more for housing than any other students.       

Buffalo State College has a retention crisis. As such, administrators should not create housing policies that disenfranchise upper classmen, which is the group of students who have been loyal to the school and have not transferred. A policy that completely excludes rising seniors from getting housing on campus marginalizes rising seniors, and re-enforces the perpetuating cycle that students should transfer to other schools that cater to the entire student population.

Again, USG is publicly stating its opposition to the new housing policy. We hope this letter will persuade Buffalo State College administrators to reconsider its current policy. As for now, we will continue to monitor both Greenleaf and the institution to ensure every rising senior is accommodated, informed, and respected.


Terron Grant”