Finish (or start) your holiday shopping, roast deez chestnuts by an open fire with Step Out Buffalo

Your BFF’s at Step Out Buffalo want to make sure you know what’s happening in the 716 this holiday season

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Step Out Buffalo, Contributor

Eat a Breakfast SammichBreakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it count. Here in WNY we have been #blessed with some amazing breakfast sandwich options from The Grange in Hamburg, Black Sheep on the West Side, Undergrounds Coffee Roastery in the Old First Ward, and everywhere in between. Go out, explore a new neighborhood, and let your tastebuds reap the benefits. (Just try not to Meg Ryan over it.) Read more on the Best Breakfast Sandwiches in the Queen City at

Finish (or Start) Your Holiday ShoppingWe get it, holiday shopping can be hard. Where do you go? What do you get? Why are there so many options? Where did all these people come from? Who decided to make this parking lot so small? Have no fear – the Step Out Buffalo Holiday Gift Guide is here! Behold, a list of actually amazing gift ideas that will delight everyone from your siblings to your friends to your parents to yourself. We’ve got gadgets and gizmos a plenty, we’ve got whozits and whatzits galore. You want Buffalo-themed thingamabobs? We’ve got twenty. Read more on the Step Out Buffalo Holiday Gift Guide at

Don’t Be A Grinch – Grow your heart three times this season and do something…holiday-y. Tis the season to ride the Polar Express, explore a life-size gingerbread house, meet Santa during his whirlwind press tour (I KNOW HIM), go caroling, see a show, admire the lights, etc etc. This time of year only comes around once so channel your inner Cindy Lou-Who and make the most of it. It ain’t called ‘happy holidays’ for nothin’. Read more on all of the holiday happenings going on this week at

Roast Deez Chestnuts By An Open Fire – PSA: It’s cold AF outside. Just because winter has finally graced us with its snowy presence doesn’t mean you should stay cooped-up inside your room. Instead of letting the cold weather deter you from going out, choose to do things that make you feel warm and toasty. Like getting a bite to eat/a drink near a nice warm fireplace. Some of our favorite fireplaces around town include Hamburg Brewing Co’s, Pan American Grill’s, the Roycroft Inn’s, and Daily Planet Coffee’s. Bonus points for Instagraming while you’re there. Read more on the Best Fireplaces in WNY at