Math plus fun equals improved logic skills

Benjamin Joe, Online Editor

On Nov. 30, math lovers and haters can unite in a serious pursuit of logic skills and absolute fun for all ages. A basic knowledge of geometry and physics will be had by all. It’s being called “Mind Games,” and will take place in the United Students Government Game Room in the Student Union at 6 p.m.

Hector Rosario is 23 years old and is originally from the Dominican Republic. He is a Computer Information Systems major and also USG’s Administrative Vice President for Academic Affairs. Mind Games is his brain-child.

“The reason why I decided to have this game is because for a lot of people there is a lack of drive to not be associated with math especially when it comes to problems or exam,” he said. “So I want people to know how much fun math can be. People can actually have fun and stimulate their brain. They can find strategic ways to approach different problems.”

With a life-sized chess game, a human-sized “Connect Four,” puzzles and a pool table, Mind Games is sure to be a hit with almost any student, especially those struggling with the math in their curriculum. Rosario feels that by approaching math as a game, students will be better able to complete their own studies in the subject after attending the event.

“All that this takes is strategic ways for you to be able to play,” Rosario said. “These games are going to allow people to actually feel comfortable with math.”

This is Rosario’s first event of the year. He felt he needed a little support, and he equates that with how students feel who are not doing well in math.

“Because at the end of the day, a lot of people struggle and don’t go to the department to find a tutor to help them out so they’re alone,” Rosario said. “It can be very stressful for the student but once they see they’re in a friendly environment they can actually let down their guard and everything comes together.”

Rosario used to have math troubles, but this year he is doing better. He attributes his success with to watching YouTube videos and intends to use his lessons to help others with their math problems.

“It’s going to be math and logic games just to stimulate peoples’ brains,” USG Vice President Iddris Abass said. “It’s about finding something fun with math… my math is not that bad, but it’s been awhile since I took a real math class. I like some of the games.”

Both Abass and USG President Terron Grant look forward to attending the event.

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