This week in Record history: The Record making change happen in campus security

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As the days change, the problems usually don’t. And here at SUNY Buffalo State, it’s much of the same. In a Sept. 14, 1971 issue, The Record writes about campus security, something that every urban campus stresses. Shortly after, the campus security changed for the better.

The article titled ‘Petition to request improvement of security,’ described a petition that’ll be given to the then-President E.K. Fretwell. A housing committee made up of Dormitory Directors and Resident Assistants wrote up the petition.

“1) That new dormitory entrance doors be installed,” it said. “The present doors were not designed for constant use and frequently break down. The door to Scajaquada Tower 1 was often in disrepair last year, leaving the dorm open around the clock. New doors are being installed at the moment. The petition strongly urges that they are completed shortly.

“2) That all residence halls be equipped with an outside campus phone central to the front entrance area. This would virtually require escortation because visitors would have to call their escorts to enter the dormitory. Doors could remain locked at all times if these phones were installed.”

The final third bullet asked for an enhanced patrol department. This would help combat the growing issue at the time of vandalism.

“Much vandalism has been done to cars and the State University College at Buffalo crime rate has increased 62 per cent (sic) within the past year,” the petition read. “We urge the immediate installation of at least 15 new security officers.”

The problematic security issues were answered quickly.

“… Sometime in the next two weeks, Security expects to hire to eight new men, who will act as supervisors and form an investigation force,” the following week’s story read. “The eight include five supervision of the security patrolmen on duty, and will release one more man for active duty on the campus during each shift.

“The other three will form an investigative team, whose job it will be to investigate and follow up on all reports of crime on campus.”

Other urgent changes occurred after the petition made waves. The doors were phasing out the unsecure doors in the Towers. Also, the patrolmen have a new schedule to be out in the peak crime hours.

The office, which is now in Chase Hall, moved to 906 Hi-Rise which “will be manned occasionally by a Security patrolman with a radio and binoculars. He will be in constant contact with ground patrol units, in an effort to apprehend any car thieves or vandals,” the story included.

It was day and night when the story hit the stands. Journalism making a difference at its best.

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