Election day, NYPIRG pushes students to vote

Benjamin Joe, Online Editor

The elections are coming up fast so hold on to your hats! NYPIRG spokesperson Wes Thomas is going to be very busy that day.

With a schedule of three marches to the polls (10:50 am, 12:15 pm, 1:50 pm) starting at Cleveland Hall Archway, and then bussing students from Cleveland Circle to the polling place (50 Rees Street) from 4 pm to 6 pm, posting flyers, passing out leaflets, talking to students in classes and in the hallway, the entire organization is doing all that they can to get the word out to vote.

Thomas also mentions some online aids for students who don’t know who they are going to be voting for. While the presidential race is highly visible, people sometimes forget about their local and state elections. That’s why NYPIRG recommends websites like votersedge.org and ballotpedia.org to pinpoint each race for voters and where they are registered to vote.

For those students that registered with NYPIRG’s help, Thomas and volunteers will be calling to remind them that it is Election Day.

Free t-shirts will be passed out to those who ride the bus, but that doesn’t mean to wait till 4 pm to go out and vote. Let your voice be heard!


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