Alumni Association plans for alumni house

An alumni house and visitor center is in the works to be built on or nearby the Buffalo State campus. The building will feature events such as awards banquets, volunteer leadership conferences, and reunions with past graduates.

“The Alumni House and Visitor Center will be a gateway to the campus for visitors, returning alumni, and prospective students and their families as well as a resource for current students, faculty and staff,” said Mary Jo Jagord, director of Alumni Affairs. “We want to create a welcoming home that recognizes and embraces the diversity within our alumni community and delivers quality programming, mentoring and engagement opportunities for alumni and students.”

Jagord said that funding for the alumni house will be completely financed by philanthropic gifts and that they have already pledged $1 million. After funding for the project is completed, construction for the building will take about a year.

“As a freshman new to the college experience, I was eager to meet someone in my field of study who I could look up to and tell my dreams and goals to,” said James Proctor, Burrell coordinator and alumnus of Buffalo State. “Having a conversation with an Alumnus who is not entitled to advise but merely does it because they see my potential is just as vital.”

Proctor said having an alumni house would enable him to put to use his passion for mentorship. It would allow him to gain knowledge and network with other professionals in his field.

“At present, there is no one location on campus where visitors can get information,” said Jagord. “The Alumni House and Visitor Center will fill that need, providing a one-stop location where alumni and other guests can get directions, maps, and information about what is happening on campus.”

According to the pamphlet, the house will be a place that celebrates campus life and history while engaging students, parents, faculty and staff. The house and visitor center will provide different opportunities for alumni and students.

Included in the alumni house and visitor center will be a multi-use hall, able to seat over 100 people, an outdoor patio, a reception area, a library, a large conference room, and offices for the Alumni Association located on the second floor.

“It’ll be an extension of the place that gave me the knowledge to jump start my professional career,” said Proctor. “A professional meeting place to network and fellowship with different generations of Buffalo State Alumni and leaders. Appreciation for all the hard work and dedication it took to become a Buffalo State Graduate.”

Jagord said through the establishment of an Alumni House and Visitor Center, multiple goals can be achieved.

“We want to create a place for alumni to fully engage with current Buffalo State students to learn about the research, projects, and campus life and to share advice and serve as mentors for these current students and future alumni,” said Jagord. “By creating an on-campus center the Alumni Association will be more visible to current Buffalo State students — our alumni of tomorrow.”

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