‘Lights Out’ to suspend USG activity on Oct. 18

Benjamin joe, Online Editor

On Oct. 18, a “Lights Out” scenario will be simulated for the entire student body. On that Tuesday, each United Students Government-funded activity will be suspended. That means clubs and organizations will not have any general interest meetings, USG vendors will cease selling and services such as the dental clinic and daycare will be suspended for this day of classes.

The reason why is because USG Treasurer Latia Ebanks, along with the rest of the USG senators and executive officers, want to show SUNY Buffalo State what would happen if the mandatory student activity fee is voted down this upcoming spring semester.

“As you all may know, I have been planning to execute an event that brings awareness to what the United Student’s Government actually do on campus for students since that’s been an ongoing topic,” Ebanks said. “Being that this school year is a referendum year, we as students get to choose whether or not to pay an activity fee that funds USG. I chose to do an event called ‘Lights Out.’

“Rather than telling everybody what USG does for the student body and campus, I aim for this event to bring awareness to USG by removing all services and internal programs, general organizations meetings and events for an entire day both fall and spring semester.”

Ebanks believes that the reaction will be instantaneous. She believes that by seeing the direct effect of what USG does through its absence will help bring awareness to the issue that has thus far not been felt by a lot of the student body.

“I feel as though it might shock the students, but in the right way in the sense that on that day they’re trying to figure out ‘what’s going on?’” USG President Terron Grant said. “I think it’ll definitely bring awareness and attention and then we’ll just follow through with educating the purpose behind that.”

Grant assured us that there will be a follow up and that the “Lights Out” campaign will not merely shock students and then leave the issue alone.

“Ultimately, and this is still in the works, but I plan on having a discussion panel,” Ebanks agreed. “It’s supposed to happen twice, once in the fall semester and once in the spring close to the referendum. I plan on having a stage or a discussion panel where I can explain everything. So more so, the discussion panel should happen next semester, but definitely this semester what I’m going to do is get the organizations to get the word out to their members.”

“I will be speaking on it, on stage, like how they do on elections and if anyone has questions I can answer them right then and there,” Ebanks said.

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