A vote for Trump is a vote for sexism

Jillian LeBlanc , Opinion Editor

What in the world is wrong with Donald Trump? The man makes sexist and racist comments every week – continuously degrading our society – and yet people still look up to him like he is our savior. Trump is no God, but a messiah for social injustice. He encourages inequality, and discrimination, turning America back into an ugly place.

We fought one Civil War, but it looks like we are on the verge of fighting another. Our nation is divided, unsure of what’s best for the future of this country, nervous to make the wrong decision. Our society is beginning to look uneasy.

Despite the advancement in technology, some of the issues today were problems way back then. We are no longer under British rule, and our ancestors abolished slavery, yet society feels unbalanced. It is time to put aside archaic rules, and finally become a fair country.

This is not a man’s world, even though it looks like one. Sexism has been prevalent in America since its inception, and while it has diminished, it certainly has not disappeared. Women are constantly fighting to be treated like any man; to be heard, to be considered and to be given undivided attention. Alas, this does not happen.

A woman is often appraised for her appearance, while society listens to the words of a man. Hillary Clinton is critiqued based on her wardrobe or her wrinkles. Meanwhile, people are trying to unfold and understand the asinine statements Trump says. If the democratic nominee were a man, there would be more articles comparing and contrasting the candidate’s ideals rather than assessing them like reality stars.

We are entertaining the idea of putting a man in charge that has zero compassion for those who call themselves American. The next president of our country could be a man who thinks grabbing a woman “by the p—-” is adequate behavior. Society is once again being told that treating a person as if they are inferior is okay. Fun fact: it’s not. No wonder people are being raped or killed each week; society is conditioned to be ruthless, much like this election.

This idea of gender inequality has been passed down from generation to generation, plaguing children, teaching them that discrimination is simply a way of life. This is never going to change when our president encourages social horrors that tear individuals down.

Trump supporters say to grow up and stop being sensitive, and in turn are allowing the continued suppression of women. The white men that tip their hats to Trump have never been spoken down to by a professor because of their sex, they have never been looked over, degraded, made fun of or had crude things said about them at a workplace because of their gender. They don’t understand, and probably never will.

Trump is a known liar, and people like him because of it. People find him trustworthy because he lies to your face as opposed to behind your back like most politicians. People laugh and shake off his idiotic comments, but his words have an impact.

A vote for Trump is a vote for sexism, propelling our country into further turmoil. Grab your posters and bellbottom jeans because another Civil Rights Movement is on its way.

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