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XC competes at Roberts Wesleyan

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The men’s and women’s cross country teams travelled to Roberts Wesleyan for the Harry F. Anderson Cross Country Invitational on Saturday.

The men’s team placed 14th of 22 teams. Freshman Kevin Murnock was the lead Bengal as he placed 55th out of 213 runners. He clocked in at 27:43.6. Following was junior Phil Giuga, 74th, finishing at 28:14.9. Freshman Brandon Shaffer placed 126th (29:50.2) and sophomore Greg Avila-Shah 129th (30:02.3) were close behind.

The women’s team finished 14th, as well, out of 21 teams. Senior Elizabeth Wall was the top placed Bengal as the 35th runner out of 223. Wall ran at a pace of 19:45.9 with sophomore Ronni Kurdrupel, 36th, right behind her at 19:46.7. Sophomore Jaclyn Tedesco, 67th, followed at a time of 20:25.3.

The teams will travel to Washington, Pennsylvania to compete at Washington and Jefferson College. It will begin at around 4:15 p.m.


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XC competes at Roberts Wesleyan