Drake shows his growth as an artist during tour

Kelly Khatib, Contributor

By now, it is safe to say that Aubrey Graham a.k.a. Drake is totally winning 2016. His album Views topped the charts for an astonishing 12-week period, and his single “Hotline Bling” spawned a foot-stomping dance craze, as well as a series of hilarious memes sure to go down in internet history.

Being a fan since his mixtape days of So Far Gone when it was announced that heart break Drake was heading to Buffalo, I pulled out my best OVO gear and headed to Ticketmaster screaming “take my money please!” The concert, which also featured Division and Future was an amazing display of Drake’s stage presence but also his growth as an artist.

Here are some things I learned on the Summer Sixteen tour:

Drake will not be tardy for the party! Anyone who has ever been to a concert knows artists tend to be late, especially when they reach a certain level of success, but not Drake. A consummate professional, Champagne Papi – Drake’s Instagram handle – has been on time at each concert I’ve gone to. When Drake is hitting the stage at 8 p.m., don’t walk in at 8:05 p.m. because he’s already on the second verse!

He’s got love for Canisius College. One of his first performances ever was at Canisius, and after the show he apparently snuck back to one of the dorms with some friends and had a “nice evening” with some sorority girls. But never got a call back. Whoever those ladies are I’m sure they are somewhere in western New York kicking themselves for losing that number because who in their right mind would not call back old school Drake – I mean I come on – you remember those curls!

He likes older women. Yes, yes, I know he just professed his love for a certain bad gal named Rihanna on the Video Music Awards – who is younger than him. But in Buffalo he was all about the cougars. While searching for a Buffalo girl to take home, he put the camera on a woman who looked old enough to be my mom, and proclaimed his love for his new sweetheart.

Bottom line, Drake doesn’t discriminate. That’s why he’s the one rapper your mom listens to, and thank goodness, because who would’ve helped you pay for those floor level tickets if she didn’t.

America is his adopted country, don’t get it twisted, the boy is definitely Toronto through and through. But he made it known that he loves America just as much. Take that Canadians… all smug with your politeness and Tim Hortons. Drake has dual citizenship. At the end of the concert he talked about the recent police violence in the U.S. and his hopes for bringing people together through music to better understand one another. Talented and a patriot? I think so.

Drake can end war. Okay this might be a little bit much, but stay with me. The crowd at this concert was on of the most diverse I have ever seen. Young, old, black, white, asian, native american, everyone was there. I even spotted a group of hijab clad women stopping to buy Revenge t-shirts at the front of the concert.

There were no fights; there were no threats. People were high-fiving strangers

and singing in unison while passing around drinks. If this common ground can be found on a Friday night then it can be found in everyday life. So tell Trump to stop trying to build a wall and throw on Views because that will really make America great again. How about Drake for president; who is with me?

The tour wraps up in late September, so if you missed the Buffalo show, I recommend catching the last leg of the tour in Canada because this is a world tour, not your girl’s tour, and you don’t want to miss it!

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