USG talks budget, graduation, Math Club at latest Senate meeting

Franklin Hagler, Staff Writer

In one of the final United Students Government Senate meetings before the end of the semester, the major topic has to be the budget for the fiscal year of 2016 -2017. Last week, the budget was approved by the Senate unanimously, but now, minor changes will be made to address specific organizations.

Tha Ink Club was not a part of the original budget plan for next year due to multiple problems with USG and the Judicial Council. Having missed the deadline for submitting a budget packet and filing a grievance with a Judicial Board 10 days late, Tha Ink Club was awarded a budget of $2,500. USG’s Gala Line was cut $500 and another $2,000 was taken from the Guitar Club to account for the changes.

Guitar Club’s budget doubled from $4,000 to $8,000 last year, but is now being cut down.

“Seeing as though they did not use their full budget last year, we felt as though a cut from there would work best,” USG Treasurer Daisha Richards stated about Guitar Club’s budget cut.

Guitar Club’s new budget is down to $6,000, which should still be efficient to run the club.

With the Commencement coming soon, USG President Derek Jorden brought to the Senate’s attention that the departments on campus have not ordered cords for this graduating class. USG had inquired as to whether the departments are supposed to hand out cords to all students who graduate from their specific school of study or just those cords for students that graduate with honors.

“Right now, we are a little confused on how the process works. We feel as though the department should give them to every student because that’s how other schools work. Me and AVP Jamilla Kelly are working on it and talking to the head of departments to get to an answer,” Jorden stated after the meeting.

The Math Club was brought in front of the Senate to make their case to become an official USG organization. Senior Math Club President Erik Simnica and another member came forth on their behalf and presented how the club could benefit the campus community.

“This club is really beneficial to campus through our activities. A lot of people have to take classes in physics, calculus or pre-calculus [and do] not know what to do and that is where we can step in,” Simnica stated

Some students have been complaining about the availability of teachers lately, and with the school year coming to a close, people are in need of assistance.

“There isn’t enough help around campus, tutors get overwhelmed, so this is where we can help. We can even go into the community and talk to kids because this is a teaching school and that’s what a lot of people want to do around here,” said Maria Ayub, a member of Math Club’s e-board.

Next year, students will be able to sign up for the Math Club and visit them until the end of the year every Thursday in Ketchum Hall.

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