The Record’s declassified survival guide to finals week

Emily Niman, Associate News Editor

Summer is right around the corner. There is just one giant obstacle standing in the way – finals week.

Monday, May 9 marks the beginning to SUNY Buffalo State’s Critique and Evaluation Period, also known as CEP week. During this four-day span many classes have their final exams or projects due. All of these heavily weighted assignments compressed into such a small window of time is the perfect recipe for stress and disaster.

Do not fear Buffalo State students, The Record is here to help you power through the hurdle of finals week and put you on your way to enjoying your summer. Here are six tips for surviving finals week:

1. Say yes to the Z’s to avoid getting F’s

Just because the library on campus is open until 1 a.m. and has a Study-Quad that is open 24 hours does not mean that you should utilize these amenities. Pulling an all-nighter is nothing to brag about. Fatigued and overexerted brains do not retain or recall information well. The hours you spend studying late at night could all be in vein if your brain can’t recall the information. The only thing you are doing by staying up that late is increasing your chances of sleeping through your exam.

2. Don’t get lost in time

CEP week is different than all other weeks in the academic semester at Buffalo State. CEP week has its own schedule arranged for classes to meet and tests to be given. While it is nice to have your regular Monday 8 a.m. class moved to Monday at 1 p.m., it is very confusing to figure out when your finals are. Pay close attention to the time your professor gives you for CEP week. Simply nodding your head and jotting the time down on whichever current page of notes you are on is not enough. Take the time to plan a schedule for your exams and set notifications to remind you. This small act will save you from the panic that could entail if you forgot that your class does not meet at its regular time.

3. Set your AIM away message

Okay, most of you have probably forgotten about the dark times of AIM, but the concept still applies. While preparing for finals week, it is important to keep your social media use to a minimum. While it is important to stay in touch with your friends, it is more important during finals week to stay in touch with your textbooks. Now, turning off your social media for the entirety of finals week is nearly impossible for most students, but that is okay. Rather than go on social media whenever you want, use it as a reward for hard work. Don’t reward yourself too much though, and spend an hour studying and then five hours watching Buzzfeed videos. It is all about finding a balance, and you will have plenty of time for social media once the semester is over.

4. Know yourself

Everyone has their own method of studying. Some work better in a group setting, where they have peers to motivate them and keep them on track. While others work best alone, being able to focus on the task in front of them without having to worry about being interrupted. Figure out which setting works best for you. Don’t be afraid to turn down an invitation to study if you work best alone.

5. If you grate a carrot, it looks like cheese

During finals week, it is hard to fight off the temptation to drink and eat whatever you want. You are working hard and putting so much energy into school that the convenience unhealthy food provides is almost impossible to resist. RESIST. Processed foods filled with carbohydrates and sugars will ultimately leave you exhausted. Instead, eat foods that are digested slowly: whole grains, fresh vegetables, and lean proteins. A little planning can go a long way. Whole grain bread and various sandwich meats provide a quick and healthy meal, while yogurt, frozen fruit, and almonds can serve as a quick, healthy snack. There is always a healthy alternative to unhealthy food. Fueling your body with the right food can do incredible things during finals week.

6. It is not the end of the world

Yes, finals are important but what is more important is your mental health. If you spend all of your time worrying and stressing it will impede how you perform on your finals. No one is perfect, despite what you are lead to believe. Even professors have done badly on tests and have had off days; it is just part of being human. If you don’t do as well on an exam or project as you had intended, it is okay. The world still goes on and the days still pass by. What is important is that you try your absolute hardest and if you have done that then you have succeeded.

Summer is almost here, you got this!

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