Budget passed at latest United Students Government meeting

Franklin Hagler, Staff Writer

The 2016-2017 budget was passed last week and after not meeting USG Judicial Council sanctions, the Pan American Student Organization had its budget frozen. The Native American Student Organization also saw a one percent budget cut due to USG violations.

The Lens Magazine was not a part of the budget plan and was unrecognized after not meeting any requirements that are given to all USG recognized organizations. The last news with the budget came from Tha Ink Club, as they were not included in this year’s budget after failing to turn in their packet on time. As of now, they are not in the budget but will need funding because they are still a recognized student organization.

The African American Students Organization (AASO) attended last week’s United Students Government Senate meeting to voice their opinion on holding an event on May 5, a date already pre-scheduled for a USG event. Cinco De Mayo this year has only Relaxation Night between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

This event is the wind down to the semester and the last USG-sponsored event of the semester. AASO came to argue that holding their annual barbeque on the same day as Relaxation Day will only enhance each other’s events.

“This is our annual event,” AASO President Malik Murray stated. “We’ve been doing this the last three years on April 29, but this year we had to schedule around Springfest. We usually hold this in April but securing a spot and space with the routines and artists that are coming, this is really the only date we could put this on.”

The “Everything is Lit” Barbeque will host a few dance groups and other activities for entertainment and is scheduled to take place in the Rockwell Quad from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The AASO has been closing out the spring semester and have been conducting events and putting on shows with the barbeque in mind.

“Having this barbeque is important to AASO because it’s like one of our flagship events that everyone comes out to, both new and old members, and if we do it the same night as your event, that just gives the students options so they can attend one event or another, or attend both. Especially with the amount of freshmen we have, I think it’s better that they have the variety and the option,” Murray stated.

It did not take much convincing of the USG Senate to get them to allow AASO the right to hold their event. The current constitution states that no two organizations can hold an event on the same date. However, both USG and AASO believe that neither event will split the student body and those that want to attend both still will have the opportunity to.

Lastly, USG President Derek Jorden announced a President’s Cook Off will be taking place in the Campbell Student Union on May 4 in the residential dining area. SUNY Buffalo State President Katherine Conway-Turner and USG President Elect Terron Grant, along with Jorden will be making their favorite dishes to impress the student body. They ask everyone to come out and support as they are building teams to compete in this “Iron Chef” matchup of top representatives here on campus.

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