RHA hosts ‘The Gathering’ in Sports Arena with arcade theme

Benjamin Joe, Online Editor

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) threw their end of year “The Gathering” in the Sports Arena last Saturday. The theme this year was an arcade which included a projection screen for Dance Dance Revolution, a life-size Hungry Hungry Hippos float, a blown-up laser tag bounce house, and two inflatable obstacle courses, as well as a caricaturist, candy and free nachos. The event was free and open to all students.

Melissa Scott, the vice president of SUNY Buffalo State’s chapter of the RHA, said she came up with the idea.

“It was a collective thought,” Scott said. “It’s a mandatory skill for RHA. Every member of the e-board has to know how to put on an event. The Gathering is usually spearheaded by the vice president.”

“She (Scott) keeps it a secret from all of us until it’s solidified,” said Akiah Hollington, National Communications Coordinator (NCC). “I really have no idea how she came up with this but I’m glad she did… we have a good record with The Gathering. There’s usually a lot of folks so we hope they come out because we worked hard.”

The line to the laser tag blimp was by far the longest, but equally exciting games were all over the gymnasium floor. A few students sat at tables eating their complimentary nachos.

Luis Moran, a 20-year-old freshman majoring in criminal justice, lives on campus and said that he doesn’t come out a lot because he’s “honestly too busy.” However, he said the RHA did a good job promoting their events around the dorms.

“I think they (the RHA) do (well),” said Samantha Ortega, an 18-year-old freshman who is undeclared but leaning toward education. “They put effort into it, like they try keep people involved on campus.”

Both students were eating before getting in on the games. Moran said that Dance Dance Revolution was his favorite and the rest of the table cheered. All of the students were under a lot of pressure to study for the end of the year’s finals, but this was a welcome break.

“We’re trying to go to the last few events they have, and I really like this one,” Ortega said. “It gets your head off things for a while.”

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