Trump builds ‘Great Wall’ of promise for Buffalo faithful on eve of NY primary


Photo courtesy of The Spectrum

Presidential candidate Donald Trump entered First Niagara Center Monday night to a crowd that Congressman Chris Collins said was “the largest indoor rally” for Trump so far.

Western New York’s biggest Trump supporters took center stage on Monday, April 18 to speak out at the First Niagara Center, where supporters, on-lookers and even the occasional protester came out to see Mr. Donald Trump himself.

About 11,000 people showed up to the Trump rally, which likely doesn’t include the protesters outside of First Niagara Center.

Protesters were not necessarily deterred from the FNC. Instead, they were placed behind a barricaded, designated area where they could demonstrate peacefully. Some SUNY Buffalo State students were present at the rally; others opted to stay outside with the protesters, like senior communication studies major Gregory Gelz.

Gelz decided to take a look at the protester side of things. He does not identify as a Trump supporter.

Gelz said the protesters had “good energy” and that they were protesting a lot of different issues that Trump highlights at all of his rallies. They even had a drum circle.

Nick Langworthy, president of the Erie County Republican Party, took the stage as the host of the event, introducing all of Trump’s WNY supporters, as well as leading the crowd in cheer and giving his own speeches about his belief in Trump.

“Let’s get our jobs back from Mexico,” Langworthy told the crowd. “Let’s get our jobs back from China.”

The crowd responded with jubilation.

Joining Langworthy on the stage was Carl Paladino, CEO of Ellicott Development Company and a very outspoken Trump supporter. Paladino once ran for Governor of New York in 2010, but ultimately lost to Andrew Cuomo, yet still continues to be as outspoken as possible as a Republican and is even considered a political activist.

As Paladino took the stage, he addressed and praised the “native son” of New York, Trump, to the crowd. He spoke out against Obamacare and other executive actions taken by Obama over the past eight years.

He then spoke about the wall that Trump wishes to build to keep immigrants from entering the country, but took the meaning of the wall in his own direction.

“The wall is a symbol of not letting the media control us,” Paladino said. “You’ll notice the media puts their pants on just like we do, they are nothing special.”

After berating the media, Paladino spoke once more to Trump’s greatness, and exited the stage to join the crowd.

Langworthy and the First Niagara Center did its best to keep Trump supporters entertained while they waited for him to take the stage.

Because of past rallies and a highlight of violence at Trump venues, a voiceover announced before Trump took the stage that while Trump supports the First Amendment (and the Second), that the rally was a private event.

“If protesters are inside the private venue,” the voiceover said, “do not touch or harm the protesters. Simply chant: ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ to alert an officer.”

Though the event was set to begin at 7 p.m., Trump did not actually take the stage until 7:30 p.m. After Rex Ryan, head coach of the Buffalo Bills, gave a small speech to introduce him to the people.

Ten minutes into Trump’s speech, a group of protesters took to the crowd, locking arms and weaving their way through people. The scene was mildly chaotic and police officers struggled to un-link the protesters and remove them while also keeping supporters away from the group, so as not to incite another incident of violence.

Trump gave his speech to the city of Buffalo, speaking on what he will do as president and how he will win both the primaries and the general election. However, he did deliver some harsh information about the economy of the city of Buffalo, including the job loss that has been happening since 2001.

He also urged people to get out and vote, recognizing that Americans have a very low voter turnout overall.

“Mitt Romney choked and lost an election that should have been won,” Trump said. “We’re gonna win. We’re gonna beat crooked Hillary so bad your heads are gonna spin.”

Trump thanked his supporters for showing up to the rally.

“There is no place more fun or safer than a Trump rally,” Trump said, gaining more applause and cheer from the crowd.

With one last urge to vote, Trump ended his rally.

“You’re gonna look back in four, twelve and twenty-five years and say ‘That is the single greatest vote I have ever cast.’”

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