Expectations build for Drake’s newest album

Dion Price, Contributor

As a long time fan of Drake, I can say that seeing his evolution as an artist has been exciting to watch.

I remember buying “Thank Me Later,” his first album, the day it came out. Back then, I knew he was going to be an all time great somewhere down the line. I can also recall the moment I heard “Nothing Was the Same,” and felt like Drake was unstoppable.

As we approach the release of his fourth studio album, it’s safe to say that expectations are high for the Toronto based rapper.

With his recent success of the joint album he did with Future entitled “What a Time To Be Alive,” and the massive amount of attention gained from his first single “Hotline Bling,” Drake is on his typical hot streak.

What makes this album release interesting however, is the fact that Drake has so many people convinced that it will be an instant classic, myself included. Throughout Drake’s career, he has been known to release music that is played everywhere, and talked about by almost everyone. It’s no secret that he is one of the most popular artists out there, and his influence reaches people around the world.

The reason why I think Drake is so good at staying relevant and successful musically is due to the fact that he doesn’t over saturate himself. He doesn’t release an album every year; instead, he does features on other artists’ songs, which, in turn, builds the hype surrounding his own project.

We don’t see him giving too many interviews talking about his music; he lets the music speak for itself.

One factor that is building anticipation for “Views From the 6,” is the lack of information that has been released about it. There hasn’t been a track list released, or any information on who is featured on the album, besides the Kanye West and Jay-Z feature on his single “Pop Style.”

All that we know is that the album is coming out on April 29. This was an excellent marketing move for Drake because it creates speculation and conversation.

Some of the main questions people are wondering about the album are whether the songs will be rap heavy, or if it will contain songs like his feature on Rihanna’s “Work.” “Work,” is a song that I’m sure you have all heard either on the radio, or being played nonstop at a party. Either way, I am excited and think the “6 God” will not disappoint.

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