United Students Government holds last org rep meeting, discusses future

Franklin Hagler, Staff Writer

The last org rep meeting, which took place on April 5, was the final meeting for many, including current United Students Government President Derek Jorden.

“I would like to thank all the org representatives and presidents that showed up today for the meeting,” Jorden said. “This is bittersweet, as this is our last meeting of the year, but it is safe to say that all of your orgs are in better positions due to the leaders that are sitting here today.”

Newly elected USG President Terron Grant made an appearance at this week’s Senate meeting, and he has already begun to put in some work towards some of his biggest campaign platforms. Grant asked USG to look into the housing problem that is going on around campus.

As The Record reported earlier in the month, freshmen have been given first priority toward housing next semester, but that doesn’t sit well with many upperclassmen. At this year’s open house, it had the largest group of incoming freshmen there has been in the last few years.

“We need to find out how many people are on the waiting list, because I have heard cases where people go to sign up, but all the dorms are full and there is no off campus site listed, and people would like to know where they will be situated for the next year,” Grant stated.

Since housing is full, most students will be forced to move off campus or move into alternative housing. Some of this year’s students are living at Canisius College. Grant offered for USG to sponsor an event to inform students about the problems that come with moving into your first apartment.

“With all the students moving off campus, we could possibly have a program to teach the students about malicious landlords and bad people out there that aren’t looking out for their interest,”Grant said.

Demand has gone up for Buffalo State every year, and in the last three years, freshmen enrollment has been the largest this college has ever seen.

Associate Vice President of Campus Affairs and Governmental Relations Marcel Baker announced that each organization must put in new election forms for the upcoming semester. All elections must be done and processed by study day on May 6.

Springfest was the last topic of discussion during the meeting. Springfest Co-Chair Malika Cuffie asked for help from the organizations for funding. T-shirts are the main thing that the funding will be going toward, but each club was asked if they have any room in their budget that can be offered toward the event, to contact USG as soon as possible.

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