Humankind needs a refresher concerning respect

Jillian LeBlanc, Opinion Editor

We live in a world where people do not value the individual lives that devise our society. We perceive life through a lens of skewed perception, only able to see the world through our eyes, but some effort should be made to see the view of our peers.

Everyone is busy, everyone is tired, and everyone has something better to do; but it takes minimal effort to be respectful.

We are all human, and should recognize one another as such. People are not obstacles, but individuals with aspirations as wild as our own, so let’s stop treating our peers like the plague.

People are constantly taken for granted and ignored because our attention is frequently focused on ourselves.

We have a bad habit of only concerning ourselves with our wants, our beliefs, our needs, and our desires. We live self-centered lives, unwilling to look beyond ourselves. It’s easier to focus on your woes than to see the worries of another, or to even think about the impact of your actions.

“People now are more concerned for themselves and less concerned for other people,” said psychiatrist Dr. Clive Sherlock in an interview with Daily Mail.

The words “please” and “thank you” are disappearing quicker than last month’s fad. It’s a small courtesy to utter a word of appreciation, but often it is too difficult for us to look away from our phones to show such simple gratitude.

To hold open a door for a stranger, to perform a selfless act, to compliment someone, or to go above what you’re asked to do. These small gestures show that you’re aware of the world around you, and provide some respect to your peers.

The world wonders how horrific events like shootings and bombings can take place, how lives can be blatantly disrespected, but this disrespect surrounds society.

People post hurtful remarks on social media, disregarding the consequences. Colleagues and classmates bully one another, seeking a laugh at someone’s expense. Society puts down minorities, and those of different backgrounds, indifferent with its effects. Terrorists kill civilians, unconcerned about futures or the lives shattered.

These forms of disrespect riddle the media, from the bombing in Brussels, to the racist comments made by anchorwoman Wendy Bell. People do not recognize the

true impact of their words and actions, acting based on narcissism, and thus changing society.

People kill, invoke slander, and slam a door in someone’s face, because they do not respect the worth of humankind.

Our actions and words have the power to help and harm. We can choose to influence the masses, or destroy them. We must begin to make the right choices, at the smallest level.

It’s time we start paying attention, and treat people the way we were told in kindergarten. Lets wake up and be better.

“I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down,” Buffalo Springfield, song “For What It’s Worth.”

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