Letter to the editor: Buff State’s NYPRIG announces refunds

Wes Thomas, NYPIRG rep

Students on this campus voted to support a NYPIRG chapter. Like other clubs and organizations on campus, NYPIRG is funded through the mandatory student activity fee. NYPIRG offers a refund of the portion of the current student activity fee earmarked for NYPIRG to any student who does not wish to contribute.

The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) is New York State’s largest student-directed non-partisan research and advocacy organization. Students involved with NYPIRG’s college campus chapters across New York State become educated and energized participants on campus and in their surrounding communities.

NYPIRG students learn event planning, problem solving, debate skills, research, and writing by organizing and engaging in meaningful issue-based campaigns. NYPIRG provides an arena for students to actively engage in civics while learning how to make a difference.

To request a refund or for further information please contact:

Wes Thomas

Buffalo State College NYPIRG Chapter

[email protected],

Campbell Student Union, Room 419

(716) 882-1549

Refund Amount (Spring 2016): $3