A healthy lifestyle is learned from a young age

Abdullah Rashed, Reporter

The idea of eating less and exercising more does not work anymore because people are still gaining weight.

Food contains huge amounts of sugar; when people eat processed or junk food, they will not feel full because the sugar in it turns to fat, and their brain will be inactive. Consequently, they will feel hungry, and eat more and more.

The secret of sugar is that it consists of two components, glucose and fructose. Glucose benefits the human body, but fructose turns to fat, so it is harmful if it is used in a careless way.

Between the 1700’s and 1800’s, sugar was expensive in the United States, and only the rich and royal could afford it. Back then, the daily intake of sugar was really low because few people could access it, which made them healthier.

It is difficult to blame only the food industry about the obesity problem.

People know that processed and fast food have added sugar, yet they are still buying and serving it to their children. Even the low fat food is unhealthy.

What will happen if people face the reality of the obesity problem and say to themselves that they are responsible for what happens to them and their children? Then they quit

purchasing unhealthy food. Why do people not start a new healthy life? Should people wait for the government to pass a law against the food industry?

Food companies’ advertisements target people by appealing to their desires and needs. For example, Coca-Cola ads make people think that soda will make them happy if they drink it, or if people eat McDonald’s meals, they will be in love with it. Not only this, but also they target young children by putting their favorite cartoon characters on the food packages and the drink containers, and provide toys with meals.

The earlier they introduce these products to people – especially children – the more likely they will have branded them for the future. In this case, people should have control on themselves because when people first watch an advertisement of a new product on television, they say, “Oh, we have never tasted it before and it looks tasty; we are going to buy and try it.” This is what people should avoid.

Obesity is an epidemic and problem that has existed for a long time in the United States, and has many different solutions. People should choose what solution is fit for them. No one can tell people what they should or should not eat and drink.

Finding a healthy life, and having healthy eating habits can help people to have a healthy and fit body.

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