Exercise requires planning to gain desired results

Taylor Moran, Reporter

As an active member at the gym, it was odd to get ready for a workout with a friend that was new to the scene. I noticed a sense of nervousness she displayed after asking me, “How do you know what to do here?”

This led me to ask, “Why are you so nervous? It’s only the gym.” And then it hit me: the gym is intimidating if you are someone that is new to going.

Has this ever happened to you? You start off the year saying you want to get into shape, you enter the gym, and then realize you have no idea what you are actually doing, so you head over to the cardio machine for an hour just to buy time.

If you are going to take the time out of your busy schedule to be at the gym, you want to make sure your time is not wasted, and make the most out of being there.

Do not let yourself be intimidated. Everyone that has come before you has had the same problem with feeling out of place and awkward at the beginning.

With just a few simple steps, you will be able to feel confident and comfortable in no time when walking into the gym.

First thing’s first, find a friend! There is no shame in asking someone for help. If you don’t know someone who can help, there are plenty of gym employees that can show you how to use the machines, and set you on the right path.

Using the correct form when working out is vital to making the most out of your gym sessions —if you are doing an exercise but not using the correct form, it could be the difference in hitting the directed muscle you are trying to target or not. The set could be for nothing, or you could be at risk for injuring yourself.

Next, you want to follow a nutrition plan. This could be just making healthier choices and following the 80/20 rule; eating clean 80 percent of the time, and 20 percent allowing yourself to indulge on treats. Or, maybe by following a macro-based diet that is designed to help you fit in the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats that your body needs to lose body fat or put on muscle.

This plan will be designated to you by a nutritionist and will fit into your own personal nutritional needs.

I am not saying you need to go on a diet, but if you want the results that will be the most effective in the long run, you want to follow better eating habits.

Just as Rome was not built in a day, abs aren’t made in the gym, but in the kitchen.

Last but not least, come up with a training plan. You now have the right information on the proper technique, training guidelines, and nutrition plan.

You will now need to decide what it is you are trying to accomplish at the gym.

Do you want to lose body fat, put on muscle, or maintain the weight you are?

Find the plan that is right for you, talk to a trainer about what your personal goals are, and find a workout plan that will fit into those goals, as well as fit into any restrictions or health needs you might have.

Always walk into the gym knowing what you are working out, whether it’s your back, chest, shoulders, legs, or glutes. Never go in and expect to just wing it. You won’t feel that you are using valuable time, and it can leave you feeling as if your workout was a mess.

After all, you wouldn’t start a research paper without researching your topic first.

With these few simple steps, you are now on your way down the right path to begin your fitness journey.

Learn to enjoy the process. The results won’t come fast, but when they do, it will be one of the most rewarding feelings you may experience. Enjoy your time at the gym and let yourself feel confident and comfortable while there. After all, you deserve it.

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