RHA making Buffalo State your home away from home


Emily Niman/The Record

RHA held a series of events last week, including a free ice cream social

Emily Niman, Associate News Editor

SUNY Buffalo State’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) is an organization that aims at helping residents and students feel more connected and at home.

The student-run organization hosts a wide array of events throughout the semester to appeal to the different wants and tastes of Buffalo State’s diverse population. Last week was “RHA Week 2016.” The week consisted of a series of events, each varying from day to day.

“Residence Hall Association is the voice of the students in the 11 residential halls,” RHA President Tiffany Chang said. “Our goal is to reach out to students and make sure that everyone is comfortable and involved on campus.”

To start the series, RHA held an ice cream social where residents and non-residents got a chance to mingle over free ice cream. At the event, the attendees were given a microphone and then instructed to tell an interesting factoid about themselves. The event gave students a chance to take a break from studying and enjoy the company of fellow students.

Later in the week, RHA offered events such as the “Vision Board” event that helped students think about and plan for the future, as well as a woman’s apperception event, and a “Dance with RHA” event that gave students an opportunity to better know the RAs on campus.

“Mingle and have some fun sometimes,” Chang said. “There’s more to college than just studying and sometimes that is hard to remember that.”

To end the week, RHA hosted a glow in the dark party. The event was held in the social hall in the Campbell Student Union where there was a DJ, black lights, and glow sticks that enticed students to attend. Many students attended the event, taking time out of their Saturday to meet fellow students and have fun.

“Doing things on campus is better than doing nothing at all, “ sophomore biology major Khyla Jean said. “Go to all the events, even if you think you won’t have a good time, because most of the time you will pick up something new and have fun.”

All RHA events are free because they are covered under the housing cost in student fees. There will be more events hosted by RHA to come in the future of the semester. For more information or to stay updated you can follow Buffalo State’s RHA on Instagram @BuffStateRHA.

“Always go, even if you don’t think you should go,” Buffalo State resident William Woodley said. “You’ll always find something new or meet someone new.”

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