Milestones of Science exhibit breathes life into field of science


Chance Morrow/The Record

The Milestones of Science exhibit is open to the public at no cost seven days a week.

Chance Morrow, Staff Writer

An exhibit featuring the pioneers and leaders in the world of science has recently opened in our very own backyard at the downtown Buffalo and Erie County Public Library.

The largest exhibition in the history of the library, titled “Milestones of Science: Books That Shook the World,” opened its doors in November of 2015. The exhibit serves as a home to 35 of the most significant books in the library’s Milestones of Science collection, which consists of 197 books in total. The movers and shakers from student textbooks alike are brought to life in this exhibition through the use of high-tech interactive displays and hands-on experiences.

“We made a conscious choice to really find a way to bring out our rare and unique treasures in a way that would interest the residents of Erie County,” Library Director Mary Jean Jakubowski said.

From Galileo to Gregor Mendel, the exhibit highlights STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math education. These four cornerstones are important in children’s education, not only in the beginning stages of learning, but also in higher education.

The exhibit is geared toward all ages and illustrates important concepts in varying degrees so that the entire public can learn from the displays.

“It’s an all-ages exhibit, and that’s rather unique because so many materials that are considered rare and unique items are usually scholarly level and a lot of places will do things particularly for adults,” Jakubowski said.

This is not the case for the Milestones of Science exhibit. Children can learn mathematical concepts through the use of life-size chess, while older adults can read from rare literature, including the works of Copernicus in the field of astronomy, Andreas Vesalius in medicine, and others.

Unlike many similar museum exhibits, the Milestones of Science is open to the public for no cost during regular operating hours of the Buffalo and Erie County Library, Monday through Sunday. Additionally, guided tours are offered at 2 p.m. on Saturdays, with large groups encouraged to call the library in advance at (716) 858-8900. QR codes are located throughout the entire exhibit and can act as knowledgeable tour guides as well. The display will be open for the next two years.

“We are beyond just books on shelves, we are beyond simply putting materials on exhibit,” Jakubowski said.

Also, be on the lookout for a new Shakespeare exhibit in the Rare Book Room of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. The 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death will be celebrated with four of his rare folios.

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