Candidates for USG Senate

Briana Alford

I am applying for the USG Senator position because I have been a senator for the past two semestebrs. Being in the Senate has helped me realize that students can do more than be a part of your average everyday clubs but the students can also make those organizations greater. And being elected in the Senate again would help me, along with the other 39 Senators, continue the privilege we have today. The reason I am running for College Council is because I have always been intrigued by what goes on at Buffalo State on a bigger spectrum. So many student start rumors and or spread them without knowing the real details. I want to be Buffalo State’s “True Voice” the person with the right facts and answers. Not only be the voice but also the ear, to hear the concerns of the student body and to the best of my ability help those voices be heard. I believe I deserve this position because I seek to meet the middle ground, what will make the most people happy, within reason, and be the most beneficial in the long run. I decided to run for this position because I wanted to be more involved on campus but at a higher level. The position was brought up to me by a pass College Council student. I asked questions on what the position entails so I would know if I wanted to pursue it. One concern I have is the conflict of interest while being a college student but also being responsible for things that the student body may not agree with. Even with these concerns that does not turn me away from the position and I am looking forward to running.

Chanel Djirakor

Senator Statement: As a senator for two years, I believe I have done a great job upholding the constitution of the United Students Government. I am passionate, innovative, intelligent, and open minded. If elected, my goals for this position will be to encourage students to increase their participation in Buffalo State student life. I have dedicated my sophomore and junior year to USG and I will continue to do so as a senior. College Council Statement: I am applying for the position of College Council. As a dedicated and hardworking individual I believe to be fit for this position. I have never been affiliated with the college council and that is why I want to hold a position. I am eager and interested in learning about this new position. I offer all the experiences I have from the leadership roles I have obtained to this position. If elected, I would work to the best of my ability. College Senate Statement: I am applying for the position of the college senate because I would like to represent the underclassmen’s. I already have experience with the college senate. It was a great position and I would like to attain it. I am responsible, hard working, and willing; assets that can be useful to the college senate. My ultimate goal is to bring the undergraduate voice to the college senate. I want to make sure that we are all represented equally.

Edwin Dzakpasu

My name is Edwin Dzakpasu, a biology major at Buffalo State College and I am running for a senate position on our student government (USG). Being a member of this organization means I get to help in bringing our community together as one. My priority would be to encourage diversity and tolerance in our school, make sure we have a home feeling to it that

can hopefully transferred to our school work. If elected as a senator, I hope to continue to help plan and facilitate events that will enable us to have fun and learn from each other as well as each culture. Using my experience as President of my high school student government and President of Neumann resident hall association where I was very key to the success of various events, I hope to improve as a leader and a person who can empower others to follow their dreams and aspirations. I hope our school body as a lot to work and improve on and with your votes we can all work together to achieve the same goal being unity and harmony on our campus. Voting is between April, so please come out and let your voices be heard. Edwin Dzakpasu for Senator. Thanks a lot!

Kobe Gyau-Boateng

If elected I will continue to fulfill my duties as a senator.

Alyssia King

What qualifications do you have for this position?I am well qualified for this position because I am a team player, I shows respect to other members by being on time and bringing the necessary materials, assignments, and information to the meetings. I also try to get other members to express their ideas for the benefit of all, even if it means less time for presenting personal ideas. If elected what are your goals for this position? I know that the student government weekly meetings usually end up running over time but I know the purpose of the meetings and I will helps keep the ideas on track to get things done.Why should you be elected to this position? I should be elected to this position because I am a very organized person as well I am very opinionated. After all the point of student government was created for students to voice their opinions and make the change they want to see. Why did you decide to run for this position? I decided to run for senate because I there are still many things on campus that could be improved and instead of complaining about them I would like to make an effort to change them. What concerns and / or ideas do you plan to address if elected? If I get elected, I would like to address the concerns of the students about the food, the activities, and events that they offer on campus.

Savannah Morgan

Over the course of what I can call the best two years of my college career I have had the opportunity to grow, excel, and cherish the organization that continued to help me build from the ground up. Being a senator for the past two years has been something that I am so happy to be a part of. Joining an organization such as the United Student Government that was able to welcome me with open arms as a freshmen who was new and looking for a better feel for the campus. Through USG I have been able to network with individuals who were once in my shoes and learn from them the steps they took in order to become as successful as they are now. This year however, I would like to step down as a senator and become more involved. Involved in the sense that I want to see first hand what it is really like to work alongside individuals who have the same views as I do and become more involved with the student body.

Jazmene Mosley

Hello, my name is Jazmene Mosley and I am interested in being a Senator for the 2016-2017 academic year. I know that I will be a perfect candidate for the Senator position because I have excellent qualifications. For example, I am a strong leader, I have a strong capability of coming up with new innovative ideas that will suit all students. Most importantly, I am a great team player. If elected I will expect to serve the students by listening to what they want and delivering upon request. I should be elected for this position because I have been on a student body government before and I was a great asset to my team in high school. I decided to run for this position because I was a Senator for the academic year of 2015-2016 and I loved every minute of the job. If I am elected I hope to address the housing issue. As a student and already listening to my fellow classmates, the process that we use now to determine where students live has not seem to work, so I am interested in coming up with a better idea.

Isaac Newland

Hello my name is Isaac Newland I am running for a senate position in the budget office.What qualifications do you have for this position? I have many qualifications for this position; I’m currently a employed college student for Cross mark and Way Up, I have a 2.66 GPA, I’m a business major, and I’m always willing to help others around me.If elected what are your goals for this position? My goal at this position is to help create a great college experience for all students anyway I can.Why should you be elected to this position? I should be elected to this position because I have a lot of inventive and creative ways to make the campus the most talked about campus in Buffalo. I feel as if with my experience as a business major it can assist me in creative aspects of this position I’m running for. Why did you decide to run for this position? I decided to run for this position because I felt like I needed to make a difference on campus; this is my time to shine.What concerns and / or ideas do you plan to address if elected? I plan to address the school safety protocol a little bite bit more if I get elected because this was a problem last semester. I also want to just input more ideas to have the best semester we possibly can

Crystal Tomlinson

My name is Crystal Tomlinson and I am running for the position of Senator. I have a full year and a half of experience within USG. I am knowledgeable about the polies, constitution, and procedures. My ideas and my ability to be open minded are two of the many things I can bring to the senate. If elected I plan to continue being the connection between the student body and our student government. I’ve decided to run again for the position if senate because I truly enjoy being a part of USG and hope to stay apart of this great team.

Aniekan Udofia

My name is Aniekan Udofia for some of you may know me as Kane and I am running for a Senate position on United Student Government (USG). As a member of this organization, my top priority would be to bring our diverse community together by listening to your input and helping to put it into action. Throughout the year of 2016-17, we want to continue to meet new people. If elected, I hope to plan and facilitate activities that will allow us to do this in fun, new ways. Using my experiences as President of my high school student

government for 3 years straight, where I played key roles in organizing educational and several other successful events throughout my four years there. I will ensure that the unifying traditions of the past will continue to grow and that we will also create new, lasting ones so that everyone can get involved. I really believe that it is important for our school to feel connected and to have an identity as we continue our college experience together. With your input, we can make sure that this happens!I ask you to take a just a moment out of your busy schedules by the end of March to let your voices and opinions be heard. When the polls open, be sure to vote Aniekan Udofia as your Senator! Aniekan Udofia for Senator.Thank you!

Vivian Ukah

As a former USG member I believe that this is my qualifications to become a senator again, because I know what it takes to be a senator. I know that it takes dedication and the skills of understanding the needs of the students to be a senator. If elected my goals for this position is to voice, out the concerns of the students, to help better the lives of the other students. If I should be elected to this position with my past experience of being a USG senator I would use that to raise new ideas that would help the life’s of other students. I decided to run for this position because I love being a USG senator. Being in USG as a freshman helped my stay here in Buffalo State College more easy, it made me feel more connected to the school. It was my home away from home, with the events that was held by USG I was able to interact with other students. The concerns that and ideas that I would address if elected is the concern on how to get more students involved into the academic committees in this school and help these academics clubs to be well known around the campus. Students tend to not be drawn to the academic clubs, one thing being a USG senator has thought me is that the academic clubs have a lot to offer students. For example, the criminal justice club were able to connect students to internships with the buffalo police department. These clubs have a lot to offer students academically but because students are more attracted to the social but I would like to make these academic clubs more fun so that students would be able to benefit from Buffalo State College.

Aysia Valerus

Hello my name is Aysia Valerus and I am running for USG senator position. The qualifications I have for this position are good leadership skills, good dedication skills, being committed, and putting my all into something I really want to do. I am currently a part of The Residence Hall Association (RHA) in which I am the Hall Representative/Treasurer for Tower One. As a Hall Council we put on programs for the building to bring everyone together in addition to listening to our peers about what changes they want to see and what problems they have with the building.

If I am elected my goals are to enhance the student life and bring up diversity on the campus. I would also like to listen to the academic issues my peers on campus may have. I would like for commuters to feel as if the campus is their home so they don’t just feel like all they do is go to class and go home. I would like to be elected to achieve those things plus more. I feel I would be a good asset to USG. I am choosing to run for this position because it would help enhance my leadership skills and I would like to see the changes that I feel would benefit the students. Being that I am a junior and I have been here for nearly three

years I have seen how the campus has drastically changed in such a short amount of time. Being apart of USG would help me to step out my comfort zone and be a part of something bigger then myself. I feel as if I could offer a lot to USG with my uplifting energy and spirit to add to the government.

Denisha Williams

My name is Denisha Williams and I am currently running for the position of Senator on the United Students Government here at Buffalo State College. All throughout my academic career, I have found myself on the Student Government Board. I have held positions ranging from President, Vice President and have also played the role of secretary. I always took pride in the educational institutions that I attended and seeked ways in which I would make it better. It is this same pride and motivation that I will bring to Buffalo State College if I am elected as Senator. Now being in my Sophomore year here at Buffalo State, I made sure that as a Freshman to explore all that college had to offer. I would attend movie night and several other events that so happened to be thrown by USG. I realized that USG truly stood and look out for students and it ignited my desire to be apart of such a great organization. I would constantly see senators working the events and making sure that everything ran smoothly which showed me that senators are an important factor of something bigger than them and that is what I would like to be apart of. As your Senator I take on full responsibility of bring the students concerns to the forefront and find effective ways to help students through their college experience. Thank you for your time.

Tremaine Wright

What qualifications do you have for this position? I am a go-getter. I have completed many volunteer opportunities. Understanding and connection to the students at buffalo state. If elected what are your goals for this position? To assist the students at buffalo state.To achieve a profitable leadership role for my fellow students. To allow campus life for students to become more enjoyable. Why should you be elected to this position? So I can obtain the tools necessary to help my peers. Why did you decide to run for this position? I was informed by one on my student mentors. The position seemed to best fit my personality. What concerns and / or ideas do you plan to address if elected? On campus activities.Student programs both academic and recreational. Student Dining / Residence life.

College Senate

Ayana Gordon

I am Ayana Gordon and I am seeking a position in the College Senate of the United Students Government. My educational background has pre-pared me for the Senate position. Particularly, my study of Health has given me a solid background so that I can solve problems and perform in-terpersonal skills while being diverse and cater to many different person-alities. Everyone has a voice and every voice deserves to be heard. Being apart of USG will not only help those participating in extracurricular ac-tivities but it would also help me build self confidence. USG is a way to help the voices of students be heard and allowing the students to know that they do matter. Helping them continue their

extracurricular activities will not only continue the club to keep going but would also allow and encourage many other students on campus to be apart of something.

Some issues I feel are important for the USG to address on behalf of the students on Buffalo State are the amount of funding the student clubs would get. To what extent will USG help the clubs with concerns they may have. How long will it take for the students concerns to answered. As well as the amount of funding to keep students engaged in the differ-ent activities available on campus. I would like to solve all student prob-lems in a prompt manner. The students would want to be able to say “Yes the staffs of USG are doing their jobs”. I believe every average student just wants a positive change that would help them make positive choices regarding extracurricular activities. In all students just want to know their matters and concerns are being handled. I would be proud and honored to say I am USG.