Candidates for USG Vice President

Iddris Abass

My name is Iddris Abass and come fall 2016 I will be a senior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a minor in Business Economics. I hope to be elected as the Executive Vice President (EVP) of the United Students Government (USG) for the 40th legislature. As I approach my 4th year here at Buffalo State, I have met, and am still meeting very diverse, interesting and very unique individuals who have all contributed to my growth as a person and a student leader.

I served as member for the RHA in Porter Hall, as a sophomore served on the 38th Legislature senator, a NIA mentor and eventually a First-Year Mentor or a Resident Assistant. Currently in my junior year, I serve as the Rules Chair for USG, e and still a Resident Assistant. The position of Executive Vice President involves some duties and functions that I am most assuredly acclimated while performing in the capacity of Rules Chair, which makes me the most qualified candidate to take on that role and perform to perfection.

There’s a list of things that I would want to change both internally and externally when given this mandate. I would internally focus on working with the Executive Board and Senate to improve and project a better image for USG through cohesion, respect and integrity.

I have been committed to making positive changes to students during my years here on campus and all my involvement and engagements attest to that fact. I will go all out; leaps and bounds to make sure the needs of the student body are heard and addressed if I’m given the opportunity to do so. My service will be nothing short of hard work, positivity, progress, success and dedication to the students. Peace, Love and Prosperity to us all. Thank You.