Candidates for USG President


Terron Grant

My name is Terron Grant. I am a junior and business major running for the position of USG President. I am highly qualified for this position and have demonstrated leadership skills throughout my tenure at Buffalo State. I was awarded “USG Senator of the Year” during my freshmen year. I am an active member of USG, and I have served on numerous committees and participated in many programs including “The President’s Inauguration Committee,” “Campus Safety Forum,” “NIA mentor,” and “RHA.”

I am running for president because “I am tired of settling.” Tuition, room, board, and fees are increasing while the quality of life for students is not getting better. Why is this happening? The answer is simple. Our money is not being respected because “we settle too much.” We settle for food; we settle for entertainment; and we settle for whatever services are provided, or not provided. We don’t ask for more, we don’t demand more. Our dollars are not being respected and this has to change!!!

To improve the quality of life for students, I am making the following proposals: 1) Allocate more resources to active students’ organizations that create, organize and host programs for students. 2) Allow organizations to accept Bengal bucks thereby facilitating funding for bigger events, and convenience for students to pay with their cards instead of cash. 3) Creating a USG scholarship with clearly defined criteria. 4) Working with Chartwell to improve the menu, options, and quality of food served. 5) Using Buffalo State TV to stream major events so that it reaches a bigger audience.

I love Buffalo State College and believe that students should have a voice in making it better. Please vote for me and together, we can make our school more responsive to our concerns.

Jamilia Kelly

My name is Jamilia Kelly, I am currently a junior here at SUNY Buffalo State and I am running for the position of President for our United Students Government. I have been member of USG for two years. My first year I was Senator and for my second I am currently the Administrative Vice President for Academic Affairs. I am more than qualified to become the President of our student government. I am well acquainted with administration and faculty that the President has to communicate with on a daily basis. I have worked with the USG Constitution and I am aware of how the contents of the Constitution should be executed. I am personable, determined, hardworking, and willing to take on any challenges. My goals for the position of President is to leave behind a great perception of USG and the upcoming 40th legislature. I should be elected for President because I do not plan on creating false promises, however I do plan on elevating our school in as many aspects as possible. I decided to run the position of President because I want to have more influence on increasing student retention, graduation rates, and our academic success. Also, I want to be able to make the college experience here at SUNY Buffalo State with the help of the new elected Executive Board, greater than it already is.