Candidates for USG Treasurer

Jeffrey J. Davis

I am Jeffrey J. Davis, I have chosen to apply for a USG Executive Board Position as a USG Treasurer. I have a significant amount of experience in this field of work. I have worked on the church financial committee for over 4 years. Since joining on the financial committee we have managed to purchase 3 different churches with over 350 members. In addition to working with the church, I was selected by NYS Executive Mark C. Poloncarz to become a Erie County Youth Board Member. As a Youth Board Member I have an imperative responsibility to administer governmental funds on both state, and federal levels to county organizations. Some of the most familiar agencies that I regulate fund for is YMCA, CAO, Boys & Girls Clubs, and hundreds more. At my previous college I was well known for my great leadership skills as a Student Council President. Such leadership qualities should be put into effect both off and on campus. There are many people who have suggested that I get involved into different programs at Buffalo State College. I have made the necessary revisions to my schedule to become more campus oriented. If Chosen, I will incorporate, analyze, and promote new ideas that will build the USG finances, and student participation outcomes. In conclusion, I know many people in the professional world that would vehemently refer me for this position. I know that with my help we can excel to execute greatness for all Buffalo State College Students, and staff. Thank You!

Renae Glasgow

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Renae Glasgow and I am running for the Treasurer position. I am currently a junior at Buffalo State College studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Legal Studies. I have been a member of United Studies Government for a year serving as a senator. I have always had a key interest in the Treasurer position. I like the idea of being held responsible for the money aspect of an organization. What makes me qualified for this position is my great communication and interpersonal skills, and the experience I have dealing with large sums of money. Over the years working as a cashier for a super market, I have been given the opportunity to handle a lot of money on a day to day aspect. This also shows that I am a trustworthy person and there shall be no need to worry. I would like to get more acquainted with each organization by finding out what each organization stands for and how they impact the student body. This information would help me make more rational decisions and make it easier for the treasurers from each organization feel comfortable to communicate. I should be elected for this position because besides my communication skills, I am a good organizer and I do have great time-managing skills. I will dedicate as much time as I need to be fully equipped and well versatile in my job. I have always been interested in being the Treasurer for United Students Government, and after serving as a Senator I want to do more for my organization. I do know it requires more responsibility compared to being a senator but I am prepared to take it on. My concern is to ensure that the mandatory student activity fee is used effectively and ensure that money is distributed equally amongst each organization.

Kassidy Sandy-Bourne

Greetings everyone! My name is Kassidy Sandy-Bourne and I am currently a sophomore attending Buffalo State College. The office I’m seeking to uphold for the upcoming 2016-2017 semester is treasurer. I am not new to holding a treasurer position for I held this position once in high school. In addition, I’m also the current treasurer of RHA Tower 3. I have strong leadership skills, great with calculation and budgeting and I know I would be able to uphold the standards set by previous treasurers. I will even be able to build higher goals for myself to achieve. If I were to be elected, one of my goals would include the stabilization school funding. Also, I plan on improving environment on campus through budgeting. I feel like I am the best candidate for this position because I can contribute a lot to the table.

Latia Ebanks

Hello everyone! My name is Latia Ebanks and I am running for USG treasurer for the 2016-2017 academic school year. Becoming treasurer for the United Student Government has always on my agenda from my initial involvement with USG two years ago. However, I wanted to make sure I gathered up as much knowledge as I could before actually taking on this extensive position. I joined the budget committee and have been on it since I became a senator. Working closely with the current USG treasurer for two years now, I’ve gained an considerable amount of knowledge about the budget process, treasurers training and much more. I believe that I am more than qualified for this position. Not only am I on the budget committee for USG, I also have history in finance being that I use to be a finance major. The budget committee along with the current treasurer has been working on some ideas on how to get more out of the budget. My biggest concern is over budgeting and making sure that does not happen again. I too have some long term ideas I would like to put forth next year such as increasing the budget effectively. First and foremost however, we need to prioritize the money more adequately before increasing the budget. Overall, I plan on touching on all areas of the budget and fixing the areas that has been hindering the growth of the United Student Government at Buffalo State.