Curry will continue to drain 3’s, fill up pages in the record books

Jahvon Graham, Reporter

Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Jason Terry and Paul Pierce are currently ranked one, two, three and four all-time in three-point shots made in NBA history, but none of the aforementioned greats are the best three-point shooter of all time. That title belongs to Wardell Stephen Curry Jr., the “undersized” guard from Davidson College.

Curry is currently 25th on the all-time three-pointers made list, but when it’s all said and done, he will be number one on that list and will be widely regarded as the best shooter of all time.

Coming off a season in which he won the MVP award along with an NBA championship, many assumed Curry had the best season he ever would last year. He has proved them wrong by adding 6.7 points-per-game to his average from last season, the highest increase for a reigning MVP ever.

Curry is having another spectacular season from the three-point line and the Warriors are 52-5. He could be on his way to a first-ever unanimous NBA MVP vote.

Curry has been breaking records all season, a few of which were already his own. With 24 games left in the season, he has already broken his own record of 286 three-pointers in a single season. As of March 1st, Curry has a whopping 288 three-pointers. He holds the top three spots for that record with 272, 286 and however many he finishes with this season.

It’s worth nothing that Curry has the guy with the best career three-point shooting percentage in NBA history (45.40%) for a head coach: Steve Kerr. Curry is right behind his head coach, shooting 44.56% on his career three-point attempts.

Curry has the authority in Kerr’s system to pull up anytime he wants to from practically anywhere on the court. Unlike many great three-point shooters, Curry doesn’t need to be assisted to get his shot off, he has the ability to create his own shots. He has one of the quickest releases in NBA history and shoots most of his three’s primarily off the dribble. Of his 288 three-pointers this season, 170 have been unassisted.

Most coaches wouldn’t allow their players to attempt so many three-point shots, but then again, most coaches don’t have a Steph Curry.

The NBA three-point line ranges from 22-24 feet, with the shortest shot being from the corner. On shots from 28-40 feet, Curry is 34 of 50 (68 percent) and from 30 feet and beyond he is 11 of 22 (50 percent). Think about that for one moment. Deandre Jordan shoots 42 percent from the free throw line and Curry is shooting 50 percent from 30 feet and beyond – unreal.

Kyle Korver holds the record with 127 consecutive games with a three-pointer made. Curry just broke that record with 128 and there are no signs of him stopping. Making a single three-point shot each game seems like a given for Curry.

During their respective streaks, Korver made one to three three-pointers per game 97 times while Curry only hit 58. Ranging from four to six three-pointers made, Korver did it 28 times while Curry has 48 times. Ranging from seven to nine three-pointers made, Korver only did it twice while Curry has done it 18 times. Korver made 10 or more three-pointers in only one game during his streak while Curry has four times.

This season alone, Curry has 28 30-point games, 11 40-point games and three 50-point games. This dude is a real life video game, averaging 30.7 points-per-game and is leading his team on the chase of the 95-96 Bulls all-time-best record of 72-10.

Ray Allen holds the record for career made three-pointers with 2,973. Curry is more than halfway there with 1,479. He has already passed his father, Dell Curry, in career made three-pointers. Curry has only been in the NBA seven seasons while his father had a 16-year career.

I’m willing to bet that Stephen Curry breaks the all-time three-point record. I believe Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. He has unlimited range, shoots a great volume of shots and makes 44% of them.

The NBA better figure out a way to stop this guy, otherwise he’s going to take the league over. I don’t mind if they don’t figure it out, though. He’s putting on a great show.

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