Entrepreneurship workshop set to help businesses succeed

Joseph Morganti, Reporter

Starting every Thursday from Feb. 25 to March 31, SUNY Buffalo State will be holding an entrepreneurship program called Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy from 5:45 to 9 p.m. in Rockwell Hall 303. Six intensive workshops in entrepreneurship and environmental management will provide great knowledge for creating or expanding a successful Blue Economy enterprise.

The primary goal of the Blue Economy program works is to identify examples in nature where recycling occurs and how to use waste and generate it again, such as turning coffee waste into fertilizer and focusing on buying organic food rather than processed food. The goal is to create a more “conscious” society so that we can be more environmentally friendly and aware of our surroundings so that the planet doesn’t get destroyed.

Blue Economy Enterprises share a common principle of “doing well by doing good.”

The workshops will also hold lessons on how to assess and report your social and environmental impacts, train in creative problem solving, learn strategies to market your business as a conscious or environmentally safe company, learn new market opportunities and financing opportunities for Blue Economy business, and meet leaders in the Blue Economy.

The Blue Economy began as a project in 1994 to find 100 of the best nature-inspired technologies that could affect the economies of the world. Gunter Pauli, the founder and director of the project, wrote the book “The Blue Economy: 10 Years – 100 Innovations – 100 Million Jobs” in 2010. The book led to the formation of the Blue Economy idea. Pauli cities 20 years of experiences and nearly 200 successful projects all over the world as the basis for the ideas in his book.

The Blue Economy is where the best for health and the environment is cheapest, and the necessities for life are free, thanks to a local system of production and consumptions that works with what you have. It stands for an innovative business, such as bringing competitive products and services to the market and responding to basic needs while also being mindful of nature’s evolutionary path. It also stands for competitiveness, by optimizing the natural values connecting untapped local potential.

The program space is limited to 30 registrants. The program is $75 for Buffalo State students, $100 for Buffalo State alumni and students from other schools, and $150 for a community member. To register, go on the Buffalo State website and search for Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy. When found, hit “register” to sign up. For more information, call (716) 878-4030 or email [email protected].

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