Three orgs re-recognized at latest USG meeting

Franklin Hagler, Staff Writer

The last hurdle for the re-launch of SUNY Buffalo State’s student-run television station, BSC-TV, was passed during last week’s United Students Government meeting, as BSC-TV was re-recognized until the end of the year with a unanimous vote by USG. The organization was on the verge of extinction until the recent regime change that included a complete re-branding of the television station.

The new leadership team of BSC-TV, led by President Farrah St Cloud, Vice President Kerriann Salmon, Sports Director Jared Sossner and Music Director Nick Lippa, have generated new interest in the club and along with their team, have developed new and interesting content.

The flagship of the new television station is a live-to-tape news magazine show with sports, music, cultural highlights of the week, and life on campus at Buffalo State. The organization also will be filming every sports and student-themed event on campus.

“Seeing BSC-TV come this far is very huge for us because last year we had to take everything from them, to see how fast Farrah and her team has come together to save this organization is truly impressive. We have to give them a lot of credit for this” USG Executive Vice President Emily Leminger said.

Lastly, securing the contracts with the Buffalo 716ers, a pro basketball team, and the Buffalo Beauts, a women’s professional hockey team, to broadcast games across Buffalo State’s radio (91.3 FM WBNY) and television stations have been announced. All programs will be able to be viewed in any dorm room on campus on channel 3.

Two other clubs were also up for questioning by USG senators this month, as Ethics Bowl and SPIRIT Gospel Choir were up for re-recognition.

SPIRIT Gospel Choir was re-recognized with a unanimous vote by USG senators and thanked them with a passionate song that USG President Derek Jorden joined in on. SPIRIT also announced that they will be singing the National Anthem at the 716ers game on Saturday, Feb. 20.

Ethics Bowl, unlike SPIRIT, had a difficult time convincing USG senators that they should stay on as an organization.

Ethics Bowl originally started as a small group studying for a competition each year of the same name. Debating topics of abortion, gay rights, politics, and many more presenting arguments for or against. After long deliberation, it was understood that the Ethics Bowl group would be re-recognized under the condition that at the end of the year they show progress.

“Ethics Bowl is something that a lot of people are passionate about, even though we no longer go the competition, but we discuss things that are very relevant to all college kids. We speak on issues that everyone goes through so having Ethics Bowl can touch everyone on campus,” Ethics Bowl Treasurer Carly Pershyn said.

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