USG senators, get your act together

Daniel Flynn, Contributor

Last semester, The Record published a story on the continuing discord within our so-called United Student Government. At this October meeting, USG Senators were asked to “get their act together,” regarding their lack of proper attire at meetings, and their dismal attendance record.

The notion that student representatives at a State College of New York were — and possibly still are — attending formal hearings dressed in their pajamas, and UGG boots, is both unprofessional, and unworthy of an elected official of my student government; not to mention a serious lack of taste.

Last week, The Record published another story on the ceaseless bickering within USG. This time, it concerned a proposition that is currently up for debate. The issue involves whether USG should raise the GPA requirement for Senators up from a mere 2.0, to a more substantial 2.25.

Some senators were of the opinion that, if passed, the new requirement should only concern future senators. While others reasoned that students who fail to meet slightly higher academic standards should be cut from USG. I inferred from this that some well-meaning senators are conjuring up ways to oust the poorly dressed contingency; whom I believe should now be referred to as the “Apathy Caucus.”

While there is not necessarily a correlation existing between one’s grades, and one’s taste in attire, I find it appalling that some students, who have been elected to represent my interests before a State College of New York— students who have actual power at a higher academic institution— are only required to maintain a flimsy C average.

I have concluded that the reason why only a passing grade is required to become a senator is to ensure that USG does not become an elitist body. Senators should be elected by merit of a popular vote, and not by merit of academic achievement.

As a member of Phi Alpha Theta, a National History Honor Society, I am required to maintain a major GPA of 3.1, and an overall GPA of 3.0. This is because PAT is an honor society, whereas USG is not.

Personally, I do not understand the fuss over a 2.25 average. Yet, I do respect, and even applaud the attempts of some senators to eject the Apathy Caucus from our government; they certainly do need to go. Yet, their removal ought to occur through the electoral process, and not through legislative trickery.

While I firmly believe a higher academic standard should be expected from my student representatives, these irritating senators should be dealt with by being subjected to peer pressure for their blatant lack of decorum, and ultimately, they should be ousted by the will of the student body. Until such time, I would like to state as emphatically as I can to my student representatives: yes, you must get your act together!

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