Buffalo author Michael Farrell makes return with new book “When the Lights Go Out”

Najee Walker, Assoc. News Editor

Returning author Michael Farrell has once again graced Buffalo with his latest work, When the Lights Go Out, a story that resonates with many Buffalonians who partake in the local music scene. Farrell’s novel, which takes place in Buffalo, tells the story of a musician who weaves in and out of all kind of troubles to find his roots in music once again.

Farrell was born and raised in Buffalo and fell into the music scene at a young age. He is fond of all the small clubs, referencing Mohawk Place as a piece of his inspiration for his novel. Farrell also pulls inspiration from his time in Boston, where he lived for 11 years, expanding his knowledge of the music scene by working as a bartender in three different venues throughout the city and witnessing over 600 shows.

Despite having traveled all over and spending a good portion of his life in Boston, Farrell constantly finds himself thinking — and ultimately writing — about Buffalo.

“This is my home,” Farrell said in a blog post about his return to Buffalo.

Farrell speaks highly of Buffalo, calling it The Queen City — its endearing, Buffalonian term. Farrell says that his relationship with Buffalo is a “multi-faceted emotional connection that’s injected a voice, passion and literary purpose into every Buffalo-set item I’ve ever scribbled.”

Farrell attributes the success of When the Lights Go Out to his earlier Buffalo-set novel, Running with Buffalo. Farrell thinks that there is a lot to learn when publishing a book, especially his first novel.

“It taught me a lot about how to write,” Farrell said. “And about writing in general. You go from writing a book, to writing a better book.” Farrell’s first novel was also the inspiration for taking him back to grad school, and later, beginning work on When the Lights Go Out.

Farrell has always been fascinated with the music scene in Buffalo, where small bands from town and from Canada often play. As a young man and into adulthood, Farrell said, the bands always seem like a big deal, even if they’re just little bands who play every now and then.

When the Lights Go Out has given Farrell another step into his hometown after being away for so long. The novel was published in November and has begun promotions in Buffalo. A special event at Mohawk Place was held for the book’s release.

When the Lights Go Out can be purchased on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, for Kindle or paperback.

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