Alum helps students find jobs with new website

Chance Morrow, Reporter


The job search is never an easy process, especially for busy college students. A recent SUNY Buffalo State alumnus has created a new website that makes the process easier for students and adults alike in Western New York.

Gohighflier, created by 26-year-old alum Willie David Jones III, is a new way for job-seekers to find full-time and part-time jobs, in addition to internships and volunteer work. But what sets Gohighflier apart from other popular job-search engines is its unique interview and career preparation resources.

“There’s more to an interview than just talking to a potential employer,” Jones said.

For this reason, Jones decided to offer tips and advice on how to overcome the many challenges faced in interview situations, ranging from tips on what to wear to what gestures are appropriate. In addition, the job postings are strictly maintained to the Western New York area, which makes scouting for a job more efficient.

Jones majored in computer information systems at Buffalo State, and found his passion in coding and software development. Jones had always been intrigued with computers and technology from a young age.

“I’ve always been the type of person that will open something up and try to put it back together.,” Jones said.

However, Jones never focused on business management until he began exploring the courses that were offered at Buffalo State. An e-commerce course taught by Professor James Gerland, sparked Jones’ passion for the creation of Gohighflier.

“The course really gave me a good understanding of how to combine information technology with business,” Jones described.

Gohighflier’s services are tailored to fit the needs and qualifications of college students that don’t have years of experience under their belts.

“I’ve really tried to make it easier for college students to find jobs because I have been in the position where even entry-level jobs ask for three years of experience, so I try to avoid incorporating jobs like that,” Jones stated.

Currently, the website is being maintained by Jones and one other person, which has proven to be quite the difficult task.

“I’m going to lie; it’s tough, it’s really tough,” Jones said. “There’s been a lot of late nights and early mornings. I have to make sure that everything on the website is up to date, as well as communicate and meets with clients.”

However, Jones is hopeful that the success of his creation will allow him to hire employees in the future.

Jones has learned a great deal about the challenges of starting his own business, but still recommends that students pursue their goals.

“If you have an idea, implement it. Don’t hold back because you never know how it will work until you try it out. There may be hard times, but there are also gratifying times too. Never give up on your ideas. And more importantly, study your competition,” Jones said.

Look out for new and improved features, as well as an app coming to the market soon for Gohighflier. In addition, Gohighflier can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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