UPD closes robbery case due to a lack of evidence

Maris Lambie, Staff Writer

“It’s been quiet again.” University Police Department Lt. Richard Myers said.

Recently, three out of four of the major crimes that have been reported on campus this fall have been solved.

“We don’t usually have these types of crimes, but the major crimes have all been closed,” Myers said. “The sexual assault case has been closed, and the armed robbery and the slashing have been closed.”

However, one of the robberies has yet to be solved. On Sept. 29, a student had her jacket stolen by two men, one of whom was armed with a knife. While the jacket was recovered, the suspects were never found.

UPD chose to close the case on Oct. 16 due to a lack of evidence.

“There were no leads, no suspects, and no evidence,” Myers said. “There was nothing to follow, so the case was closed on the 16th of October.”

“No evidence exists,” UPD Chief Peter Carey said. “All cases depend on solvability factors. We didn’t have a lot with this case, and we reached a point where there was no new evidence.”

Students have mixed reactions on the closing of the case.

“I didn’t hear too many details, just that someone had their jacket stolen, but I feel like they should keep going with the investigation,” junior anthropology major Tiffany Nicolas said.

“I don’t think it’s necessary,” sophomore biology major Anisa Ngambi said about whether the investigation should be continued. “I mean, they found her jacket.”

While the case is currently closed, there is a possibility UPD will reopen it in the future. “The case could be reopened if anything comes up,” Myers said. “We will look further into it if we get a tip or a new video added to the evidence list.”

UPD are also continuing to work on a new shuttle safety app for students.

“I haven’t really heard anything, but we’ve been approved to purchase the software,” Myers said.

“We’re still researching to find someone to provide service,” Carey said. “As soon as we find someone, we will let the campus know.”

UPD officers are also planning to take part in Goatees for Charity this winter to raise money for the Matt Urban Hope Center. Look for a full story about Goatees for Charity in next week’s issue.


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