USG offering Whispering Pines Camp day trip for all students


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Whispering Pines Camp in Franklinville, NY has been the home of many camp trips for student clubs.

Benjamin Joe, Reporter

For years, SUNY Buffalo State has been using Whispering Pines Camp in connection with organizations on campus. Clubs have been booking reservations throughout the summer and the semester to see this slice of nature in Franklinville, NY.

“There’s a history of the camp that goes back to 1953, so it’s been around and the students of Buff State have been using the camp for a long time,” David Meinzer, Press Services Director of United Students Government, said. “The process now… if you want to go to camp, you kind of have to be a part of a group to go out there. That’s the only real opportunity. The camp has lodges and groups book weekends.”

Currently, USG doesn’t feel that the process is entirely fair. Individual students don’t have a pathway to go to the camp.

So, upon seeing this, USG decided to pick a day, Nov. 11, Veterans’ Day, where students would not only be able to visit the camp, but also, do so without disrupting their week. This day trip is open to all students.

“For most of those things, if you want to get out there, you have to give up a weekend… and a lot of people don’t have that kind of time,” Meinzer said.

Using resources, such as bus to shuttle 44 people to the site 70 miles away, USG plans to host 100 people in the great outdoors. Staff, as well as alumni, are welcome to come.

Paul Knapic works at the camp and will be hosting the outing.

“We’re going to have hiking, some crafting, and outside fires,” Knapic said.

Knapic mentioned that games like Kan Jam, Ladder Ball, and basketball will be set up for the students. He also said there will be a lunch and s’mores.

Both Knapic and Meinzer said that there will be opportunities to see wildlife, and that once a bald eagle was seen right on the trail.

Other animals are not so great to see. Knapic said that there has been sightings of bears, but that they have never attacked anyone.

“They come in maybe once or twice a year, but we never had any problems with them,” he said. “They’re just passing through.”

Knapic said that the bears are looking for any easy meal in the dumpster and doubts that they will be a concern for the day trip.

To be a part of the trip, students must pay a five dollar reservation fee which will be refunded once they arrive. Students must reserve a place on the bus, though, even drivers and passengers of cars will need to make this reservation.

Tickets can be purchased at the USG Business Office at the Student Union in room 416. Directions to the camp can be found there, as well as online at under Services.

The bus will be taking off at 9 a.m., so students should arrive at Cleveland Circle at 8:45 a.m. The bus will have students back to campus by 6 p.m.


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